moving chat options soon

Very soon we will need to move some of the chat options around. We will be taking down the mv chat system, and will be moving the “old chat” aka “original chat” to a different site soon.


We will be deploying a new chat room system to test for a couple of months, but access will be spotty as we open it up for testing, then take it down for modifications, then reopen for further testing.

The NC / New Chat, aka peeps cams chat will likely stay shut down as we pare down some of the servers and systems we have been running.

mv chat update 6-9-17

We finally got some new code put into the mv chat system! I believe this update will fix the biggest problem that our core groups of users were having with the user created rooms aka side rooms. There was a weird bug before where the option to kick people out of a user created side room was not working – this update fixes that!


Increase in users per chat room

Over the past week we have been experimenting with allowing more users per room. Last year after many experiments we settled on 80 users per room as the best balance for most times of the day or not. By June of of 2013 I started to see that more and more people were entering the rooms, and not talking as much in the open, so the rooms did not have as much of the overwhelming room scroll that we had trouble with last year. I assume more and more people are getting into private message sex chat, and not engaging as much in the main room, so we have more space in the main chat window for more people.

Quick chat room update may cause serious confusion with emoticons

We had this issue in the past. An update we applied to chat today made some things better – but those users who came back to the chat within 30 minutes of the update may have some serious communication problems when it comes to the use of emoticons – either you are sending an emoticon / smiley or ass or boobs or something and the other people in the chat will be seeing something else. Of course it could go the other way – someone may be sending the “boobs emoticon” and you could be seeing a pasaphire or something else.

Asia sex chat redirect part two

The Asia sex chat redirect thing is in mostly in effect at this time. A majority of visitors from countries in and around Asia are being redirected to our new erotic Asia sexy chat site.

I know there has been a fair amount of confusion with this redirect surprise, and there has been a lot of discussion and a fair amount of complaints about it as well. Truly I am sorry to have to do this, believe me, I have tried to find other alternatives that would keep all of our chatters together in the same online community. Unfortunately our worldwide popularity and the increasing amount of people getting online everyday has caused some serious growing pains. We have debated this, and several other solutions for some time now.

Couple of changes today, more coming

Made a  couple of small changes to the sex chat rooms list today. Changed the gangbang room name to the group sex room – I think it is more fitting for the types of cyber sex that occur that, and hopefully it will change the expectations of those that enter a little bit. Also added a watersports / golden shower squirting fetish room – this is from suggestions made in the blog comments.

New sex chat section coming for our Asia visitors

We are opening a new section of the web site very soon for all of our visitors from the Asia area. This should cover India, China, Japan, Malaysia, and many more countries from the Asia region. This new section of the web site will launch in an initial test phase, but is built to expand quickly to offer a free sex chat (and premium section) that should be more user friendly for all the people who come to use our chat rooms. Some of our regular long time users will be surprised by the change, as the new Asia section will automatically take you there if you are from the Asia area of the world.

Small update messed up the sexy emoticons for some

We did a small update last night around 4am CST – and I forgot to fix the emoticons when it published. So, some of the people who visited the chat room from around 5am EST and 9pm EST may have gotten the old standard blah emoticons loaded into their web browser. The emoticons have been updated, but many we browsers keep a cache of old files.

There is some discussion here about clearing your cache and some of the communication issues that could arise from one user having the newer emoticons and another user having the older ones. Sorry about the issue everyone, I will try to remember that when we apply the next update! Big thanks to ladylikes for pointing out this issue on the comments this morning!

Upcoming changes to the system chat rooms list

Working on some changes to the system’s main chat rooms list. Right now I am looking at removing the Russian sex chat room, and the omni-sexual system rooms. We may add a “Bar chat room” and maybe a “casual chat / non-sex chat” room. This would apply simply to the main system rooms, of course users will still have the option to create their own omni-sexual, Russian, or any other user created chat room, as long as the names fit in with our guidelines for screen names and other etiquette rules.

Some changes today more sex chat direct options

We made several changes to the site today, mostly minor little things here and there that most people will not even notice I bet. There are a few important changes to point out however.

One of our users was suggesting that we make a direct way to enter straight into the gangbang room, so I added that tonight, along with direct access links to the FFR and the new Russian sex chat room as well. Those direct enter options are all presented on the sex chat now page. This will save many people from auto-entering the lobby only to bounce to another room if people bookmark and use that page.