A few changes in May 2017

Did some blog code updates that mainly deal with the theme/presentation of the pages and posts. You may notice a few subtle changes here and there, and many of you will likely not notice any changes at all since most of you stay in the chat rooms the whole time you are on site here. Either way, it was time for some code updates and I decided to tweak a few more things here and there within the blog area here while I was messing with it.

Blog Comments and Notifications changes / updates

In the process of rolling out some updates for the blog section.

At this time this update has causes some changes to the commenting system, and any previous “subscribe to comments” notifications. In the middle of this update I realized that we had lost all of the comment subscriptions / notifications settings! I know many of our users depend on the email notifications they would get when new comments were added to some of our popular pages, so I am trying to determine if we should revert back to our old code.

New design for the blog section pages

Working on a new design for the blog section here. This is currently a longer test of some new code than I expected. Not sure we will stick with this format and tweak it some more (the fonts are not yet displaying as I had hoped) or just revert back to the old style and do some other tests in the future. For now this design is a bit more responsive / mobile friendly. Have not tested with Apple or IOS devices yet. If someone wants to buy me the latest iPhone for testing…

Moving the orange share bar on some pages today

So after our massive web site update, some users chimed in on the suggestions page with a few issues. I was glad to get the feedback, although surprised to hear that some were having issues with our new orange / yellow sharing bar that was added to the bottom of the pages. Some were having trouble with it covering up parts of the chat rooms window, so I asked for some extra info about screen size, resolution, browser type etc.

New Design Coming Soon

We’ve been working on lots of new things around here, and are very close to releasing the updated design for scsc!
Here is a preview pic of how things are shaping up:
scsc new design preview
It’s not quite done yet, but we will likely release this newly updated version of the site in the near future. Most of our visitors will likely not notice too many changes, everything should still remain very similar to how we have had things for years. The main difference in the backend is that we are using modern code to display some things, which should make simple things load faster, and display better on multiple devices.

more changes to the peeps section

Have been working through some more changes with the peeps profiles and cams chat section. Many of the things we are working on are still under wraps at the moment, but some may have noticed sex-chat-peeps-changessome crazy color changes over the past few days. We are still not firm on the exact layout and color scheme we will land on, but we are making some progress. Working to make things a little wider for the bigger screens, and make it so that things will also work with smaller screens for those who visit the social section with tablets or mobile phones. It’s a work in progress, so if you check out the peeps section and it looks all crazy and fucked up, bare with us as we tweak a few things here and there and experiment with some new code.

Updates in the peeps social profiles section

We have made a few updates to the sex chat peeps section the past week or so. Today we changed how profiles display when you first click on someone’s name. Now when you click over to someone’s profile, their actual profile information is displayed. In the past when you clicked someone’s avatar picture it went straight to a page listing their activity, and you had the option to click the profile tab to see profile details.

This always drove me crazy, and I think most people are used to seeing the profile first, on sites like myspace and facebook, this is essentially what you have. Now the profile is displayed by default, and you can click an activity tab to see public activity.

Rules Updates Coming

There have been some issues in which we are considering changing, or adding to the rules we have here. We are considering making new rules to ban any kind of chat. play, role play or discussions that include any kind of fighting, maming, self mutilation, killing, dolcet, snuff, and crap like that. This would not affect a majority of the users here, but it is something that has been brought up a few times here and there. We have not allowed these types of things in the lobby, but we may choose to make it a system wide ban for any rooms.

Chat rooms are down for a bit tonight

Looks like the chat rooms will be down for a while tonight. Some kind of network problem, and we’ll be working on it, but not sure how long they will be down. Sorry about the issues folks! We are currently working on some new chat rooms systems, and new web server upgrades in the near future. We also have a new project about to launch, I can’t give too many details about that at the moment, but I am going to invite some of the women here to help me with the start phase of that very soon. Should be a lot of fun! Details on this soon. 08-20-2013

Site update – navigation today

We rolled out some site updates today. There are too many changes to list them all, and most of our regular users will likely not notice most of the changes anyhow. The main point of today’s update is to make navigation to, and around the various sections of the site easier for everyone.

I have noticed lots of people asking for the link to the “new chat”, so now there is a link on most of the chat pages directing everyone to the peeps cams chat area. This should make it easier for some to see, but also easier to tell others how to get to / find the ‘new chat’ – (look for the peeps cams chat link, top right of the page) – should work on most of the chat screens.