Overall chat site updates today

We did several overall updates to the chat site today. Most everything was minor adjustments and tweaks here and there.

We added some more info to the terms of use / privacy page.

We added a new forums split view chat page for registered members

We increased the number of users in the room 100 at a time, hopefully this will work okay for everyone, it’s 10% more work for the mods, sorry ya’ll – maybe we will switch it back to 80 or 70 and end up having two fairly full lobbies by default.

Added a moderator discussion page, mods will need the password to read and discuss there.

Fixed the copyright notices on the pages so we are now in 2011

Added some highlighted blog posts as links under the chat rooms for everyone.

There is much more to come this year. As we test out more of the forums integration, we will tweak that. We are also working on some basic how-to and etiquette videos. Still working on adding web cam support to the chat rooms. The cam option will most likely be only for premium members (people that pay for a week or month or year of membership) – no you can not sign up for premium membership option, we have not made that available. There are many more things in the works as well. We are still taking suggestions and discussions in the blog comments and in the forums. See ya ’round.


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    I love that you’re keeping us up-to-date with the changes, this site has made me very happy! I’ve made amazing friends and visit every day without fail, and pretty much always have a great time. I guess I’m a little nervous about things changing, I have briefly visited 2 other sites and didn’t like them for various reasons, but this one feels right. I definitely think some of the things will make the site even more fun and importantly safe, and I’ll look forward to experiencing the new additions as they happen! Thank you again for making this site for us.

  2. Thanks for the updates, much appreciated 🙂

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