Let’s limit the links in the chat room peeps

This has been an issue that we have battled with for a long time. Rather than simply turn off the ability to post links, we decided to say no links to other porn sites.

too much
too much

We have been very fortunate to have a great group of moderators that are really good at spotting the links to spam and porn sites, thus kicking out offending users and adding them to our permanent ban list. I would like to keep the ability of users to post links on occasion, but I think we need to limit it down.

It’s easy to get comfortable in the chat room, especially when there are just a few people talking talking the lobby, and kind of forget that messages posted in the lobby are broadcast to everyone who is logged into that chat room. When a group of a few people, or even just one person starts posting links, that is taking up valuable screen space. Even when one group of people are engaging in and interested in a conversation about the latest you tube videos, it doesn’t mean that the entire group of people in the lobby should be forced to see a bunch of you tube links that they have no interest in.  Now this can happen with any conversation, not just links. It’s one of the things that are covered under flooding.

Flooding the room is most obvious when someone posts the same line over and over again. Flooding could also be posted many lines of different things quickly, which greatly disturbed the people who are in the main room and trying to keep up with messages from other people that they are interested in.

So lets all agree to post less links, and kindly suggest to others that several links in the open room would probably be better received when sent in a PM or through whispers to those who are interested, as we all need as much of the screen space as we can get, and so does everyone else.

93 thoughts on “Let’s limit the links in the chat room peeps”

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  3. Hey, I got banned from this site. I didnt not relaise that posting a @ in an email address would get me banned.
    Sorry, i was passing on an email address on the site, and got banned.

    Is it possible to get the link reopened.

    Sorry about that

    1. Your ban auto-expired, has been lifted and erased, I assume long before I got your message and looked it up in our ban list.

  4. There have been occasions where i’ve felt impelled to post a pic or something about a local product i am talking about in the lobby that I am discussing such as a local beer or what not. When occasions such as that arise i simply post the link and an apology for the offending link at the same time. usually cuts down on the drama of being warned for it……and I don’t do it often. Probably a handful of times in the year and a half that i’ve been going to the room. Just I thought I had while reading the posts in this section. lol. Oh and as far as youtube links are conscerned(sp) i have no problem with them as long as they aren’t to vids such as Nyan Cat 1000 times and such. lol. if it’s a link to a song i say let it be posted. Just my take on the situation.

  5. I can understand this site wanting to limit links to other porn sites because it doesn’t want competition, but I don’t see it as justifiable in terms of providing a better experience for the end user. Guys and girls, if someone is spamming a room, /ignore username works wonders.

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  7. Why dont you just say all links in any room that is not created by a user to have no links to be posted and if its user created let the person who created the room decide…because unless you remove links to be posted all together as you said you will never really know what is what and whos posting what.. and you cant really stop someone from posting what they want if your not going to block it.. Im not saying ppl should not follow your guide lines and rules but…theres going to be a bunch of ppl who will not follow them…this is a sex chat site..your not getting the best of people alwase on here… ahah

    1. It really depends upon the links I guess. If people post links to commercial urls, or sites that cost money in any way, or sites that offer a financial incentive, or even sites that do that stupid “Get 10 people to come here and I’l let you see more pics” kind of BS – those are a violation of our overall terms of service. Posting links to any kind of ill-egal content is not allowed either. Posting links to stuff on sites like rapidshare would not be allowed, as rapidshare has an affiliate program and some people could earn from sending traffic there. I know some of the sites like rapidshare will still allow people to view and download – but because they have a financial incentive to some people, it would be disallowed.

      I had someone mention to me that they had been kicked when posting a url like 3665.net – and when I looked at the site, I am guessing that posting a link to that site in a user created room would look like an affiliate spam link, so I can understand kicking for it, however after viewing that particular site (can’t remember the exact address) – I think posting links to that site may be okay.

      I guess if I increased the awareness and availability of our on site image hosting options, people could just post links to on site pics, galleries, etc. So our mods do not have to follow every crazy link that is posted trying to figure out if it is spam, or commercial, or not lgal or whatever. Mods generally only have so much time in the chat rooms, and don’t want to spend it surfing hundreds of links to see if they are legit or whatever.

      Guess I should clarify this more, here, and in a blog post for the mods and our members.. more work on the to do list, thanks! LOL.

      1. I think it’s fair to say that anyone reading this blog probably isn’t posting spam links. I think it’s also reasonable to assume that the MODS mostly know who the regs are and that those regs would not be posting spam links. The MODS can save time on checking links by considering the source of the link. A little bit of trust can go a long way.

        I can remember a rather funny convo where I posted a link pertaining to that convo and was then warned. It was embarrassing, it ruined the convo, and it led to a loss of respect for that MOD.

        The argument for less lobby content would make sense except that reg posted links might make up 1.5% of the screen space whereas stupid pickup lines constitute between 30% and 100% of the screen space depending on if the regs are dominating or not.

        1. Interesting observations, thank you for sharing! I agree that considering the source of links is important in determining how spammy a link would be. Generally links from the regs are on topic and not being done for commercial purposes. The odds of a new user going by “18 yo hot cam whore” posting links to another site are certainly much higher. I am sorry that you were warned about posting an on topic link in a conversation with other regs, I was not there to see the convo or the link, so I can only guess as to reasons for a warning about it.

          Sometimes mods will post warnings more to educate the other users in the room that there are rules about certain things. Maybe it’s not meant so much as a stern punishment to the original issue, but more of a warning to room in general so that more of that kind of posting does not spiral out of control, and to let the others know that we do have rules about things like that. I have also seen sometimes a mod or regular warn someone (even me) about posting links, and doing it as a joke. Sarcasm is hard to show in the text only chat room! It could of been other things as well.

          I also think that all of us mods may be on the same page with things, but some things there may be a little confusion about, and links in the lobby is one of them. There has been a lot of discussion in the mods area and here in the public section of the blog, but I guess we have not developed a firm “This is okay and this is not” set of guidelines for the moderators when it comes to links in the room. This is something that I guess we should revisit with all of the moderators soon.

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