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Working on a new design for the blog section here. This is currently a longer test of some new code than I expected. Not sure we will stick with this format and tweak it some more (the fonts are not yet displaying as I had hoped) or just revert back to the old style and do some other tests in the future. For now this design is a bit more responsive / mobile friendly. Have not tested with Apple or IOS devices yet. If someone wants to buy me the latest iPhone for testing…

Or if anyone has an Apple device and can tell me if the current design works okay with the safari browser and the smaller screens like iPads, that would be appreciated. I spent a bit of time trying to make the design adapt to different screens and the couple of videos we have published here to work with many different devices as well. So if someone with an iPAd / IPhone could chime in on whether or not the videos for how to score in the chat room, or our sex chat sexchat ad girl video work with those devices, I would love to hear some feedback on that.

scsc blog redesign start

scsc blog redesign start – from that to this.

When I first started working with this design I liked the display on the desktop computer monitor and things were mostly good with an android phone, but our video thumbnails were stretching further across the screen than I had expected. I think I may have that issue fixed, so the video thumbnails don’t overlap other content, but again have not tested with many devices yet. I hope the videos do work, as they are set to auto-play in a couple of different formats that are supposed to work automatically depending on the browser each person is using.

I normally do as much testing of things behind the scenes and only roll out major new design changes once a lot of testing has been done, but this new blog theme design is just good enough to keep up for now, and the tweaking things here and there are taking much longer than anticipated. So this half baked option may be public longer than most of our previous design tests. I will continue to work with this display code and try to make it as similar to the other sections of site, while maintain most of the pages navigation that many were used to from our previous design and see if it works well for everyone to easily find, read, comment here, etc.

If anyone has any issues with the usability of this newer design please let me know, and of course any suggestions or feedback is always welcome. We may go back to the old design for a while and scrap this new version, it depends on how some other elements come together, which is taking a lot of code hunting to see if it’s all going to work well or not. We’ll see!

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