Firefox Update 32 fixes broken chat rooms from v31

We posted in July 2014 about issues with the updated (at the time, V 31) firefox breaking the ability to use the OC (origianl / old chat) rooms. This was brought to our attention by users who mentioned the issue on the chat connections problems / solutions page. Thankfully the good folks at mozilla looked into possible causes for this situation, and members of scsc clicked over the mozilla forums and marked it as an issue that affected them. I think there was enough discussion and “votes” as an important issue that it got resolved in the latest firefox update, currently V 32.

So if you were not able to use firefox to use the chat rooms because of the V 31 update, you now have the option to update firefox to the latest version and the chat rooms should work now.


Not sure if you already have version 32 of firefox?
Firefox does sometimes update all by itself in the background. This led to a lot of confusion initially when several people started commenting about the chat rooms not working, as some of our users (me included) were using the chat just fine with v 30, and we had no idea that some people were being auto-updated to v 31 – which was causing an issue. Thankfully one of our users mentioned the update, so I updated my firefox that day, and then the chat was no longer working for me.

Here are some graphics to show finding your version info for firefox using the menu icon thing.

Once you click the “about firefox” you should get the window in the middle of the browser window that shows the version number. Similar to the version number graphic posted at the top of this post.

Over the past year or so firefox has changed it’s default layout for menus, so finding the right place to look for your version information may be a bit different if you were used to the old school way of clicking the file / help bar at the top of the browser, as I think this has been removed in most default install. The geeks who push for “modern web and app design” assume that people should know (or learn immediately!) that menus around the web will now be found with the little “three line icon”, and firefox has hidden a bunch of menus and goodies behind such an icon.

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