farewell to the new chat, long live the newer chat

We will be shutting down the “new chat” aka the “peeps cams chat” in a few days. I have had info about this posted in the new chat system for days now. This will free up some resources to work on the new features of the newer “mv chat system” which also has webcam options, mic audio (voice chat), and c2c (cam 2 cam) abilities. There are some other benefits to the mv option that the “old new chat” does not offer. I know that there are those who at this time do not like the mv system, and prefer the other.

So I asked a while back, and I hope we will get some more feedback about the newer mv system. If anyone can add some thoughts about what the mv system is lacking compared to the “new chat” – I’d like to know. MV Chat info and suggestions / feedback here. Fortunately we can mod the mv system and add features to it! I have a new upgrade coming to the mv system which will make it a little fancier in some ways and more modern. After I get this new update setup I will see what other feature ideas we can bring from the other systems into it.


Many have asked why shutdown the one system when there is a group of people who use it regularly.

There are several reasons actually. For one, I can’t afford to keep it running – it costs a good chunk of change each month to keep it running, and the other systems that we run are much more affordable. I do love having the option, but the mv system will also run on mobile devices, as to where the other one will not. They both have cams and audio chat options, so we will still have that ability. I may turn on that option on the flashy chat system, aka the MF Chat as well.

We have also run into a roadblock with my coding partners on the ‘new chat’. Some time ago we agreed to run it for a while, and then take over the code base so we could modify it more and have different server options. At some point between a year ago and now they seem to be not offering that option, and future add on features are not going to be possible now it seems. This lack of options has really thrown a wrench in my plans, as I had planned to take over the code base and move it to another dedicated web server, which would of allowed us to update it more and also make it more affordable. However the past few months our coding partners on this have been unresponsive to our original plan.

Now this could change. They may decide that after I shutdown this system that they will be willing to go back to the old deal I thought we had worked out. IF so, I will being it back online! After lots of no replies to my messages however, I am no longer holding my breath for that plan to work out, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, we do have some great options with the MV system, and we will continue to enhance that system. If people will make suggestions about what we can do to make it better, then at some point we will likely merge the OC with the MV and it may become the main system that most everyone uses. We’ll see.

*UPDATE* – Jan 13 2015 – Midnight

Now that we have sent cancellation notice to our coding partners on this, all of the sudden they are now answering our emails. It appears that now they may make good on our previous plan, and provide us with the code base and we can take the option to a different web server. This means that we MAY be able to continue with the NC – I will let everyone know what becomes of this re-negotiation as soon as I get more firm details.

(If you came to this paragraph from a direct link to the update, you can scroll up the page to see the original post / info)

If things go as I am currently thinking, the NC will go down for a day while I transfer data and move web servers. It could go down longer (might take a week or so to get the new server setup and spinning securely), and we could lose some data (like recently registered accounts and sent but not yet received pms and stuff) – we’ll see.
*End Update Jan 13 2015 Midnight


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  2. I love the buddy list and being able to have pm’s on for friends only. Permanent block lists are fantastic. I love being registered and the fact that no one can use my name or that of AppleJack (which has been done with sinister intent on OC). I love the offline PM’s and being able to pm with friends and also see main still. I prefer the appearance and set out of new chat to MV. Another feature I really like is having avis and the profile information, and the brief “about me” description. Oh and the emotis….they are fun….animated and not rude. I know its a sex chat site but having a man post a comment to you with a vagina and penis emoti together, isn’t very appealing to anyone

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    Sith Lord Darth Moose

    The new chat is really nice, close-knit, small community…I have enjoyed moderating it every single time I log on to the other site and almost never have an issue with any of the users. I am one of the many that truly hopes the New Chat will continue.

  4. I am pleased to see that you are looking into a way to save NC. The options on NC are so user friendly. The option of blocking fu**tards is nice. Being capable of being in private with more than one friend, and still being able to monitor the room is awesome. I also like being able to leave messages off line for my friends. The profile, and pics add to the experience, and having to be registered keeps someone form using my name and insures my privacy. I hope you are successful in your endeavors to keep NC open. If there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me. thanks Nash…Lynne

  5. i love at New Chat we’re a family there.
    the buddy lists are great. leaving offline pms when they aren’t online. when someone is blocked they remain blocked.
    the animated emotions are good/funny.
    its quiet but thats ok.

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