Moving out old chat in with pt chat

We’ve moved the old chat aka the original chat to a new folder on a different web server for a while. We also had success and good feedback with the initial launch of the PT chat system that is running now in the peeps section.

We’ve been forced to move the OC chat rooms since the big G and other web browser companies are making it very hard for people to use the Adobe Flash player, which our old chat requires to work. Even those of us who keep using the flash player find it harder and harder to know when and how to tell out web browsers to activate the damn thing.

So that’s been a problem for many of our users and likely an unknown problem for new users who just click away rather than learning about this tech that used to auto launch and give us good things. There are some other issues around this, and so it’s been a long time coming. I’ve posted about it time and again trying to give people enough heads up notice and make some other options available as well.

Finding a perfect replacement for the OC has been the biggest challenge of the past several years. We’ve worked on a few systems that are close, and many have just failed for big reasons. We are still working on a newer system that has lots of promise, and we have found a nice little interim system to play with too.

The plan for the near future is keep this newer pt chat system running for everyone, which will make it easier for new people who find us to use us. This will make it easier for those people who want to chat using their mobile devices like tablets, phones, ipads and such as well.

We’ll keep the OC running in it’s moved place for a while, and fingers crossed I can at least keep these web servers up and running while we work on the finer aspects of this much newer chat system.

More to come! Keep it fun!


  1. With I had a nice broad text window, and now half the space is taken up with ads so it’s hard to manipulate my text. Anyway we could lose those ads? lol

  2. i can’t log in what can i do?

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