OC been down all day, working on it!

So the OC aka Old Chat or Original chat has been down most of the day.
The PT Chat is up and running in the peeps section ( https://www.sexchatsexchat.com/peeps/pt-chat/ ) Glad, and surprised to see a few people in there actually; woo-hoo!
Tex had sent me a message around noon or so and I got to looking into it. Found some issues, got some fixes rolling out. Had to run errands, got back expecting it to be ready to rock and roll, but there was another glitch. So, I started the fix for that, and here we are after midnight where I am, and it’s still not working again.

So, on to the next bug hunt! It’s not down and out forever yet!
(I’m hoping, and pretty sure anyways!)

I like the PT Chat,what did that stand for? Peeps Text Chat? Still need to make the ‘customize’ button thing under it larger / more prominent. I discovered a couple of cool things in there one day with PMs that I did not know were a thing for a while!

I have a small cosmetic update for that system soon, and I have been kicking the tires on a very interesting new system that I would like to do some semi-public testing with, probably in March since I have some crazy IRL things happening the next 4 weeks.

Anyhow, I am working on it. I have seen some stuff (and gotten a couple od messages from users here (thanks ya’ll!)) about the chrome browser blocking flash even more starting early 2020 (around now-ish?) – and that might kill off the OC. It’s been a struggle for years battling google (and Apple) with their hatred of flash which is required to run the OC system.. but we have made it further than anyone expected with it already.

So if they do totally kill off flash, we will have to make one of these other systems work better, and it’s been in the works. Might be a couple months earlier than we wanted it to be, but that’s mainly because this other system we’ve been working on is taking many more months to get to a point of actual public usefulness. So many bugs to work out when people use different browsers and devices these days, it’s crazy!

Anyway, I hope to get the OC back up and running before 6am Eastern USA time.. fingers crossed. IF not I’ll have to sleep for a bit and it may take another day or two do to scheduling, we’ll see!

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  1. Thanks Nash for all the work you do

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