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Steven Nash authors many posts and pages here at the sex chat sexchat blog, and other areas of the site here. An accomplished sex fiend who loves to talk, chat, read, and listen. Began reading books about sex in 1984, and still obsessed with most things sexual. Loves to talk about sex and listen to other's experiences. Looks forward to more of the world learning about Tantric sexual energy practices and furthering research and development with tantra and similar arts. Enjoys Tai Chi, books, and music of all types. Listens to EDM (electronic dance music), trance, chill-hop, electro swing, progressive, psy chill, and similar genres while coding, learning, and readings / answering support emails and comments here at SCSC. Is available for sexual liaisons on occasion.
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Daily Sex Chat Cam Posts

We are kicking around the idea of doing some sex chat cam posts here in the blog section. This will give everyone the opportunity to see some of the new faces added to the various sex chat cam networks.

Right now we are beta testing the cam pic posting. You may see a few popping up over the next few days on the site. Please let us knowin the comments if you think we should continue with the cam pic posts, or if we should add more than one pictures of each sex chat girl, or any other ideas you may have.

Sex chat talk

Sex chat talking today with Jackie Melons

She pointed out that there are some hot sex chat girls doing live audio (some also with video) at nite flirts.. She suggested we hook up with them and start doing some group phone sex things.

Jenna also talked about a post about mobile future phone video sex she saw.

I love talking to Jackie, she always has the calm enticing alluring vibe.

new video sex chat live with flash

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback with the live video flash on our pages. It seems that everyone really wants to get into to some live video sex chat as fast as possible, and this is one of the ways to do just that. Perhaps we will find ways to incorporate several of these flash preiviews with other options in the near future!

flash sex chat pic

Welcome to the sex chat sex chat blog

This is the new sex chat blog, we kicked around the idea for some time about doing a blog, and then we started coming up with so many site updates and new live sex cams to list and review, we decided it would be best to have a blog set up in order to provide the latest news the fastest. As our site grows we will soon begin to update the blog more often than the core site.