new banned words / profanity filter page

Added a new page that explains some details on how the profanity filter / banned words system works. We change up the words, phrases, and banned web sites list now and again, and one of the most often questions on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page has to do with confusion over profanity filter warnings and kicks. The past several years we simply pointed to an old comment thread that have a good explanation of how the filter worked and what people could do to get around it.


Rules / Etiquette Update 1-30-2015

Updated the rules page, the kicked or banned page, and the content guidelines page.


added – If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.

examples were updated, including :
Abusive, forced sex, humiliation or rape like names or discussions are not allowed in the main rooms such as the lobby, and is only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

Site redesign and updates today

Some will notice some pretty big changes throughout most of the site today, and many will either get the older cached version displayed, or just not notice much of a difference. We are finally rolling out a bunch of responsive design changes throughout most of the site today. If you do not like some of the changes, realize that everything is not finished, it’s still a work in progress!

There have been a ton of changes throughout the site, this is a total re-work from the ground up.

Java exploit / Hack – very important info today

Yesterday I was reading about a very dangerous new Java exploit that is known around the hacker communities around the world, and this is VERY serious. So serious in fact,  that today the US government is suggesting everyone disable their java on their systems until an update patch is released from Oracle.

Hopefully there will be an update to Java in the next couple of days to fix this serious issue.

The bad news is that you need Java running in order to use our free sex chat rooms.

Future of the sex chat community discussion

Let’s all chime in on what we want to see in the future of the sex chat community. This is not about the features or tech of the site – those thoughts should go on the sex chat site suggestions page, this post here and comments should be about how we want things handled, people to act or whatever.


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