new banned words / profanity filter page

Added a new page that explains some details on how the profanity filter / banned words system works. We change up the words, phrases, and banned web sites list now and again, and one of the most often questions on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page has to do with confusion over profanity filter warnings and kicks. The past several years we simply pointed to an old comment thread that have a good explanation of how the filter worked and what people could do to get around it.


Now we have a new page dedicated to this quirky auto-blocking system. I combined some details from several comments over the years and added some more information so people would have a good understanding of why certain words, phrases, and even partial matches of banned words would trigger a warning or kick. Updated the kicked or banned page to link to it as well.

Today I am adding a new word / web site to the banned words filter, so I imagine there will be some confusion from people who have shared links to pics at a certain web site that were allowed by the system in the past, and after today the system will censor that word and warn people about it. I am not going to name the site, but many will figure it out quickly. The site rhymes with “nutty dot com” – and this new ban was announced on our new content guidelines page that was published as a rules update / addendum in January 2015. Before anyone starts asking why, I suggest reading the info on the content guidelines page first.

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