Sex chat roooms were offline as added bigger HD

The sex chat rooms were down the other day, for a good portion of the day. We were in the process of removing and replacing the hard drives on the web server that hosts this web site, and the chat room program. Although the upgrade and replacement of the drives happened relatively quickly, not not all of the programs on our web server were restarted at the same time. This made it possible to surf the web site, but not get the chat rooms to load.

Free sex chat 24 /7 for years

We have been providing free sex chat for years. It dawned on me today, that people from all over the world have been able to enjoy sex chat for free here fr several years, and that the chat room is fairly busy 24 hours a day. I know a lot of the conversations go on in private message, so we do not all see the many messages that are sent back and forth, but just seeing people in the chat rooms at all hours of the day and night is very cool.

New avatar and pic uploads for sex chat users

We have launched a new avatar and pic upload / adult image hosting section to the site. It is live and currently working in a very simple mode. We will be updating this area to show tiny urls and more in the near future.

You can however find the link to the new avatar cropping, picture uploading section at the top right of the java chat room page. Or go here to the new sex chat peeps section directly.
This should make it easier for everyone to have an avatar picture in the chat rooms, and make it easier to crop and upload a profile pic or avatar pic in the new chat forums as well.

New rules for some of the edgy chat stuff

Have you seen a gross room name, a nasty screen name, some taboo subject being discussed that you think should not be allowed? Why do we allow so many taboo things to be talked about here?

First off, do not blame the mods, it is not their fault. We have changed some of the rules for how we will be handling some of the edgier chat rooms, nicknames and other things. I have decided that we need to be a bit more liberal with free speech here. It is a very slippery slope when it comes to censoring things, and I do not want to be one who censors speech on the internet.

Interim java chat room change what the?

What’s this about a new java chat room upgrade?

Your name is in blue – everyone sees their own name in blue. Everyone else sees your name in red.

Pms, whispers, and ignore buttons are all in the “right click on someone’s name” menu now.

PMs do not pop up in new windows – they become tabs. When someone pms you, there is no setting to auto-pop, or auto – open a new tab; you will have to find their name in the list and right click to pm them back, which will open a new tab.

What’s up with the new flash chat room?

Well it is in testing. The new flash chat room has some great new features, and I think everyone is gonna love it! We are in beta test mode right now. We had some problems during last week’s testing, and so we’ve spent a week fixing the problems. If all goes well with the testing this week, we may have a soft launch by next week. The plan is to have a new launch, and new integration with the new forums, and much more within two weeks. We may have problems trying to roll out so many new features at once, and it could be further delayed, or scrapped entirely, but so far so good this week! We have setup a page that has questions, answers and discussion about the new flashchat room.

New blog theme and threaded comments

We decided to make it easier for everyone to conversate through the blog comments by enabling threaded comments. We also updated the blog theme here to make the comment conversations easy to read. So far I really like how the comments are now working, and it should make it easier for everyone to jump into a conversation and reply to one another rather than just adding a comment at the end of a long line of them. this should make it a better place to engage in conversations around the blog posts and comments that ensue.

next step in chat room upgrade underway

I know, I know, the new chat room is way behind the original schedule. I am sure our volunteer moderators are seriously frustrated by the delay, and I apologize once again. It’s been quite a challenging year, the past twelve months have been downright brutal actually. We are committed to making the upgrades however, and today we have taken the next step in the process.

The new chat room is delayed – but coming

We have been working on a new version of the chat room for most of this year, and I know many are excited about the new features, as well as disappointed that it has not rolled out to the public yet. I must apologize that it has taken so long! We want to add so many new features for the users that it is taking much longer than expected.