hiccup de ja vu in the sex chat matrix

Some may have noticed a little hiccup, and perhaps experienced a bit of de ja vu in our little sex chat matrix here in the past several hours, and perhaps the bigger picture of the past couple weeks has been a bit of that as well. I am guessing that most people would not have noticed a rewind of our systems, at least I hope there was as little impact as possible.

In my quest for excellent security I decided to put a pause on the peeps section, and there was a brief interruption of the blog section and the associated pages. Moved some files and changed some things, then went back to the data that was live a few hours previously.

Unfortunately during this time some things could of gotten easily lost. If people had posted a comment on the blog section during this time of transition, it would be lost in the “old version” that was not migrated.

Same with things in the peeps section.

If you had registered, or confirmed your registration, added a friend, sent a message, or someone else was friending you, or messaging you, then that data could of been lost during the transition.

I tried to minimize the possible effect by making the peeps section “coming soon” for a while, but certainly there was a window of a few minutes, and possible a few hours that someone could of done some stuff in the peeps area that got lost.

Sorry about the down time, I decided to tear down a bunch of files and start fresh with many things. Also working on settings for the mv-chat that should change a few things as well.

Always working to make this place better, I hate it when things need to be done that affects the availability of services here. Hopefully these latest updates will make everything here faster and the system stronger.

Now I can hopefully get back to adding cool things rather than fixing broken things.

4 thoughts on “hiccup de ja vu in the sex chat matrix”

  1. does that also mean that OC is completely dead ? i refresh and its no longer there. the OC Chat in my opinion was alot more easier

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