Naughty fonts, new graphics, and privacy

I’ve been working on some small graphics updates which turned into a much larger project than initially planned.

Word around the web dev community is that it’s best practice to make some graphics using “web fonts” instead of just using a jpg or gif image – so I embarked on the process to convert some of the little graphics that I think will make our menus a little sexier, and to convert our new logo style into an actual system font style instead of relying on a picture created in photoshop.

Sex chat with emoticons – important or not?

The emoticons we have been using the past year or so are a mix of some standards, and some custom pieces mashed up when I wanted to change up the standard bland ones with some dirtier ones. During this process of changing some of the standard emoticons we got some feedback from several of the regular users and tried to tailor some to suit the needs of the users’ most requested. Creating the newer ones became a mashup from several different artists, mixing up color pallets and creating some that do not blend as well (not to mention a few that just don’t have the placement pixel perfect, creating some over-bleed when certain emoticons are used). As much as I enjoy having some naughtier emoticons, it has been my impression that they are not used that often, so updating them is on my list, but has not been a top priority this year. sex chat naughty emoticons pic

Quick chat room update may cause serious confusion with emoticons

We had this issue in the past. An update we applied to chat today made some things better – but those users who came back to the chat within 30 minutes of the update may have some serious communication problems when it comes to the use of emoticons – either you are sending an emoticon / smiley or ass or boobs or something and the other people in the chat will be seeing something else. Of course it could go the other way – someone may be sending the “boobs emoticon” and you could be seeing a pasaphire or something else.

Small update messed up the sexy emoticons for some

We did a small update last night around 4am CST – and I forgot to fix the emoticons when it published. So, some of the people who visited the chat room from around 5am EST and 9pm EST may have gotten the old standard blah emoticons loaded into their web browser. The emoticons have been updated, but many we browsers keep a cache of old files.

There is some discussion here about clearing your cache and some of the communication issues that could arise from one user having the newer emoticons and another user having the older ones. Sorry about the issue everyone, I will try to remember that when we apply the next update! Big thanks to ladylikes for pointing out this issue on the comments this morning!

emoticons update and gangbang room added

We did another emoticons update today, so we are going to have some of the same caching and mis-communication issues for a day or two – fixes for the emoticon caching have been discussed here.

If you type:


into the chat room and see the smiley with sunglasses, then you have the old emoticon set.

We added gangbang room and minutes later it is already very popular.

These changes come from user suggestions, we appreciate it!

More emoticon changes in chat room today

So I finally got to hunker down and get to fixing up the emoticons today. I won’t know how they look until the chat system restarts, but I am hoping that I got the smileys back into the right order, so that the 😛 shows the tongue, etc. If anyone sees any of them out of order still please let me know.

I am also not sure how the graphics will look once they actually appear in the chat room, and I am not sure how they are going to look on your monitor, with your browser and all that. So we might have to go in and make some more changes, but hopefully this set is better than the previous ones!

New emoticons today – a few issues

I spent all night working on some tiny new emoticons tonight. Some of them came out good, and a few of them will be replaced, that’s a small issue I will try to work on this weekend. With the initial testing and chat system restarts, I started to notice a little or maybe big problem.

I am guessing it’s an issue with browser caching, or ISP caching, but some people are seeing the old set of emoticons, and some people will be seeing the new ones. This can cause some major mis-communication. Sorry folks, but I can’t think of any way to fix this. Petite was still seeing the old emoticons even after a browser restart and computer restart.