Snapchat privacy policy after terms change freaks out users

Several places reported on this,
here is an excerpt from PC World:

– Nov 1 2015
Snapchat clarifies privacy policies after terms of service change freaks out users

“company says the changes are not nefarious and nothing to worry about.”

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Facebook and Chrome are listening to everything you say and hear

I am kind of blown away today to see two different news stories that talk about new “features” from two different big companies that translate into “they are listening to you and everything around you automatically now”. With all the uproar about so many different places spying on people, sucking in their personal info and using it in ways that most will never understand, to see two big companies with new listening features built in is kind of surprising. Maybe they are trying to push news stories to the top of the pages that offer “benefits” of their spying on users, hoping that the other news stories where these companies were giving away data to governments in massive amounts and selling off data to others might get buried further down.

New Design Coming Soon

We’ve been working on lots of new things around here, and are very close to releasing the updated design for scsc!
Here is a preview pic of how things are shaping up:
scsc new design preview
It’s not quite done yet, but we will likely release this newly updated version of the site in the near future. Most of our visitors will likely not notice too many changes, everything should still remain very similar to how we have had things for years. The main difference in the backend is that we are using modern code to display some things, which should make simple things load faster, and display better on multiple devices.

Snapchat exploit may expose everyone’s phone number and social profile addys

Just read this article at ars technica about a snapchat exploit that may allow people to expose all the phone numbers and social profiles of every snapchat user. It is assumed that people will buy and sell this data, and that sites will crop up and offer to expose your phone number and social profiles (I’m guessing your facebook url, twitter handle, etc), some for a fee to those who want to stalk you. If everything stated in this article is true (so far appears to be all legit) – then it may be time to cancel your snapchat account until this issue is addressed.