Selling your privacy, giving your rights – instagram

Parts of Instagram’s terms of Service were broken down into simple English by a lawyer. It took hours, and they did it for the children. Tests show they don’t understand the terms of use, it’s too complicated. I’m betting they don’t understand the basic tech enough either, and they are the lucky ones growing up with it.


I don’t think most of the popular apps today are any different, and I would love to see this same breakdown done with other apps’s terms and permissions, by a professional, like it was done here.

Friend Finder Network, Cams dot com registered users info leaked

Reading about a recent hack / data breach and leak from the friend finder network, which includes and adult friend finder (both sponsors of our systems) – and others. This is another leak of registered user information that includes perhaps 400 million users – this is different than the hack and leak of data that network had in May of 2015 that leaked 3 1/2 million user credentials. nude-dude-email-exposed-1j

I don’t have all the details at this time or know exactly what was leaked and what was not. Apparently some of the info like passwords for some people was encrypted with a crappy method that makes cracking that encryption frivolously easy. It appears that 99% of the passwords have already been cracked.

The Old Chat Not Coming Back

Lots of people loved the OC, and I was certainly one them. More about that in the post mortem post to follow.

Details here are to the best of my knowledge, but some things are guesses without confirmation from people that are actually there, however if you read the associated news stories, I think you may agree that this all makes sense.

what happened?

privacy policy update mar 16

Added some additional information to the sites privacy policy today. Also updated some of the info on the privacy info page made for the peeps / mv-chat systems on that page.

Read the added info on the privacy policy page here:

Tried to answer some QnA and about registering the peeps section and using the mv-chat here:

and then realized we should add that info to the main privacy page, and got to writing, so I added a bit more info on the main privacy page.

Snapchat privacy policy after terms change freaks out users

Several places reported on this,
here is an excerpt from PC World:

– Nov 1 2015
Snapchat clarifies privacy policies after terms of service change freaks out users

“company says the changes are not nefarious and nothing to worry about.”

Click / Tap for full article at – Snapchat clarifies privacy policies after terms of service change freaks out users

Naughty fonts, new graphics, and privacy

I’ve been working on some small graphics updates which turned into a much larger project than initially planned.

Word around the web dev community is that it’s best practice to make some graphics using “web fonts” instead of just using a jpg or gif image – so I embarked on the process to convert some of the little graphics that I think will make our menus a little sexier, and to convert our new logo style into an actual system font style instead of relying on a picture created in photoshop.

Facebook and Chrome are listening to everything you say and hear

I am kind of blown away today to see two different news stories that talk about new “features” from two different big companies that translate into “they are listening to you and everything around you automatically now”. With all the uproar about so many different places spying on people, sucking in their personal info and using it in ways that most will never understand, to see two big companies with new listening features built in is kind of surprising. Maybe they are trying to push news stories to the top of the pages that offer “benefits” of their spying on users, hoping that the other news stories where these companies were giving away data to governments in massive amounts and selling off data to others might get buried further down.

Snapchat exploit may expose everyone’s phone number and social profile addys

Just read this article at ars technica about a snapchat exploit that may allow people to expose all the phone numbers and social profiles of every snapchat user. It is assumed that people will buy and sell this data, and that sites will crop up and offer to expose your phone number and social profiles (I’m guessing your facebook url, twitter handle, etc), some for a fee to those who want to stalk you. If everything stated in this article is true (so far appears to be all legit) – then it may be time to cancel your snapchat account until this issue is addressed.

Overall sex chat site update today

We published an overall sex chat site update today.  Mainly just fixing some descriptions here and there. We did move the privacy policy page and made a few additions to the terms of service and privacy policy as well. Mainly just clarifying a few things, but as always we suggest that everyone spend some time reading and thoroughly understanding our terms of service and the privacy information that we have here.

2011 Internet Bills and Laws You Should Act On – Censorship and Privacy

I just found a post and this video (Act now to stop Internet censorship legislation in the United States) about a current bill that is going through the US congress about “protecting Intellectual Property” – and how it has some steep censorship issues coming with it. We are 100% against censorship, and that is why we suggest you learn a bit about this bill and the proposed law. If you are in the USA we suggest you visit this site to contact your representatives and ask them to kill this bill. Censorship my ass - Freedom Bitches