Tumblr decides to ban porn – you can export your blog and import it here or elsewhere

So tumblr finally showed the true colors and went deep with the latest censorship announcement. All porn to be stopped in less than two weeks.

I logged into to tumblr and found the info on how to export my blog, pics and such. It took hours for it to finish collecting all my stuff and make it available as a download.

You may be able to import your tumblr blog into another platform like a wordpress site or wordpress multi-site, even without downloading a backup – but only if the API thing is working at the time, so I would start the backup / download process as soon as possible, and then move on the API import and see if that works.

Sc’s tumblr blog terminated – temporary account deletion?

I finally took some time to get to our tumblr blog and update with some sexy sayings and quotes, but when I clicked over to our add some stuff I was greeted with this notice saying account terminated.

I found this quite strange. Our tumblr blog was set up as a way to gather together sexy quotes and few sexy, but not nude or hardcore pics. A way to let users of scsc who also use tumblr to connect with us and follow our posts there. We also enjoy promoting the service as I think it is was of the easiest and fastest ways for the average person to setup a blog and start posting pics, videos, words, etc. Quickly, and very easily.