amateur sex on youtube for net neutrality

Only a big name in the entertainment business could put some amateur sex on youtube, combined with a gay threesome of “I’ll stroke your dick you stroke mine” – calling out the conflicts of interest we have with our FCC, lobbyists, and those who are trying to craft rules about how information can be slowed on the internet if those big wigs don’t like the videos you want to watch. The video is funny, yet it does show a very truths that I wish they would expand on.

This whole net neutrality thing is not just about netflix being slowed down by your ISP, it’s about much more than that. This is a classic case of the big guys trying to edge out the little guys, and not just at the expense of smaller media companies, but at the expense of all the internet end users. Most of us have been paying to keep this internet thing going, yet people who stand to profit from it and it’s changes are trying to make rules that we all have to swallow.

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If comcast was to make sure that all of NBC’s tv shows and videos play just fine, but everything else from documentaries and home made porn gets choppy, and slow, buffering and waiting treatment, it will be a very different internet in the future. To think that this is a real issue today, along with the fact that there is little if any consumer choice for good broadband in many areas, which is a separate issue, but they are related.

This is not going to be a full post to explain all the differences in the options that have been and are being considered. There are other places where you can read some of the facts and opinions with this net neutrality thing. Be aware that opinions some prominent people made about net neutrality being a good idea or not a couple years ago were based on overall ideas, and may or may not be congruent with what the current language is in current rules that are being considered. So if you read where someone has quoted a prominent figure saying “oh yeah, net neutrality should of been established this way a long time ago” – the way they may have been talking about may not be the way that the big players are trying to put into official rules today.

I do think it is important for people to at least research the issue for a few minutes and decide if they would like to write to the FCC and make an opinion known. I also think it is an issue that we should all consider taking up with our ISP and our elected officials.

Does my ISP already give the speed I pay for when I stream videos they have a financial interest in?

Does my ISP block any content in any way?

Or slow down streams from any places?

Should they be doing these things?

The video from college humor suggests going to this dearfcc web site to file a comment with FCC about your opinion on the matter. This dear fcc web site was put together by the peeps from the EFF / Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The deadline for comments on this issue were extended once, and they may be closed by the time you read this post. I think they were extended till July 20th? You can check / comment at the FCC web site directly here. The current proceeding number is “14-28” I am guessing, so if that is not on the page then I guess they closed the comments again.

As of this writing, this is the topic at the top of the fcc’s comment page:

Proceeding # Title
14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet 41892

I have a feeling this issue will come up again no matter what they decide. I think it will also shed light on some of the conflicts of interest that we have with agencies that take bribes from companies they are supposed to be regulating in the name of we the people. This kind of open discussion is a good one to have. Doesn’t have to be hear, although I’d be glad if you heard about it here first, I hope people will take thes4e discussions to their facebook friends, and representatives.

edit – Nov 16 2014 – we added a new post on this issue with a new video featuring some censored porn stars talking about this net neutrality thing here ->


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