Sex Chat Space is Down – but not out, for long

After two weeks of debating the whole “shutdown the new chat” – I worked out a deal to keep the NC up and running. As I started to pack up the files to move to a new web server, weird problems started to happen. I spent about 12 hours trying to fix things, and then brought in another server tech on the issue. This led to other issues, and other server techs coming in to try to fix the weird problems we started having with the site. After tons of time spent, Sex Chat Space is down. Don’t worry – it’s not out!


I made backups of the files for transferring to another server. I had not planned on having this long of an interruption in the site there, in fact I anticipated some down time for the NC when we started to move things, but the main site itself was not supposed to have any issues. For those who enjoyed the chat rooms on sc space, we have them still up and running, but you will have to use the entry points here on scsc.

For those who had profiles setup in the members section of sc space – don’t worry, I should be able to get those back once our first web server migration is complete. I should also be able to bring back the pictures and videos people uploaded and all that. It’s a big process, and not what I was expecting to do quite yet (was planning to move the NC chat first, then the rest of the site) – but shit happens. So I’m doing things in a different order.

So don’t panic – we are working to fix the issues with the sc space, and will be working to continue with the NC as well. Some people may have seen the post, and the update (at the bottom of the post) about the nc here:

At this point I do not have an ETA on the SCS getting back up, I’ve been working on it all night, it’s now almost 7am, and I may need to get some sleep soon. Currently waiting on stupid internet dns settings to update before I can get in and start rebuilding it. So it will probably have to wait until at least 5pm EST to get started. It will take a while to fix up for sure, there are a lot of little pieces of code and graphics and such that go into that little site.

I can’t wait to get that part back up and running, and then move on to getting the NC packed up and files moved to a bigger, better, faster web server.

Word of caution – when I go to move the NC – any changes anyone has had to their profile in the NC, any offline messages sent, avatar / picture uploads, anything like that kind of data that was done before Jan 13th will likely not be saved. So hold off on doing those kinds of changes and updates until the new server is spinning. I’ll keep everyone posted on that as much as I can.

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