Rules and disallowed content updates

We have updated our rules page, the kicked or banned from the chat rooms page, and added a content guidelines page.

I invite everyone to re-read the rules, and welcome any feedback. The new content guidelines page will not affect most of our users, however those who like to share pics and videos should read up on the info provided there for sure. The kicked and ban page has been updated a bit to help those who find themselves kicked to the time out info as well.

What is new? Well read the fucking rules page and find out! 😉 LOL

For those of you who have read the rules before and those of you that have gotten used to the rules just by being in the chat rooms a lot, there are a few changes to note beyond the basic formatting and reorganizing.


We took out the rule about asking to cam.

So it is not longer against the rules to ask if anyone wants to cam chat. It is still against the rules to talk about other chat systems in the main chat areas.

So now you can say “Hey I am looking for cam2cam chat with…”

But you still can not say (in the open room to all) “Hey here is my skype addy” nor are we allowing commercial cam whoring in the free chat rooms. So there should not be anyone saying “I am naked in front of webcam, see me live now on commercial-cam-whores-dot-com”.

If people do say they want to do come webcam video with others, it needs to be non-commercial, and if you want to do cam stuff with others using a different system than the ones we have here, then you need to exchange that information via PM or a side room. It is okay to say you are sharing your nude self on cam in our mv-chat (mobile and video chat) system, or the ‘new chat’ / ‘peeps cam chat’ area.

If you want to invite someone to hook up with you via skype (jitsi more private), or viber (silent phone or red phone) or something, do not advertise that in the main room, but you can talk about the webcam options you and someone else would be interested in using via pm.

What else?

Added more clarification for where some of the niche, edge play, and taboo screen names and discussions are and are not allowed.

Added a site-wide ban on talk about cutting, killing, snuff and crap like that.

As for the other changes, mostly just cleaning up some things, and redoing some of the formatting so it should be easier to read. Our original kicked and ban page had grown from a few simple rules to adding info about moderators, and then adding new rules at the bottom, and extra information. As I went through the page to adjust the formatting I realized that some of the newer rules should really be moved up to the top from the bottom of the page, and some things needed to be reformatted, or moved in other ways.

I removed some of the clutter, and moved some info over to the moderator complaints page.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or other feedback, you know I am all ears!

10 thoughts on “Rules and disallowed content updates”

  1. I noticed you removed the link to the rules on the porn share page, probably because it wasn’t working before. We’ve found a trick to make links work (because there’s this that shows up at the end), is to put a space after the link, and that makes the span go away, and the link will work.

    1. i want to know why i am ban from here i read all your rules and been in your room yesterday and had no problem emily37futa

      1. @emily37futa – you have been banned previously. This is your permanent ban notice.

        There are multiple entries about you in the ban log, the first one says something about going into the lesbian room. Which having a screen name as yours is in violation of the rules / content guidelines.

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  3. So wait, I have a question, how will things like Interracial and fetishes that can cross all sort of boundries work? Are we going to be seperated into different rooms as well?

    1. Black Man – I gave a couple of examples in this comment below.

      Basically we understand that certain fetishes and even basic types of relations and discussions can have crossover into different rooms. Many years ago I think it might have been “normal” to say that interracial sex would be a mainly taboo subject. Same with things like transsexuals, and other things that are really much more mainstream.

      With that being said, there should be no issues with most names being in most rooms, however what is said in the room could sway that differently. I mean like being in the lobby with a name like black guy and saying in the open looking for white girls… I don’t think that would kick in situation in which a majority of the people in the lobby would find it taboo. However I could see some edge situation in which someone was asking for some kind of roleplay that may that was interracial sex and yet crossed over into things that did become an issue where a majority of people would think that the discussion was in bad taste, and it should be taken to another room.

      A name like “big black dick” may be fine in the lobby in most cases, however going into the lesbian room with such a name would be grounds for being banned. These things are discussed on the rules page and the content guidelines page as well.

      Please see the other comment I linked to which shows some other examples.

      If you have questions about other specific names or discussions I welcome the opportunity to discuss them.

  4. Lowering the room limit so the moderators have an excuse to tell people to join rooms “for their own fetish” is completely backwards. It is not the moderator’s job to dictate who can talk to which people unless they disrupt the main room. Since you cannot PM cross-room, you are effectively telling users they’re not allowed to PM people from certain rooms unless their nick and fetish match the room

    1. lol – lowering the room limit is an experiment for many reasons. I can see how it would seem backwards from the way you are looking at this situation, however part of the reason behind the lower room limit and us directing people to the various rooms is from user feedback. Several people have messaged explaining that they have been gravitating to other rooms since there are fewer people in the rooms that are dedicated to the niche discussions they are looking for.

      So this is an opportunity for people to more easily find what they are looking for, as well as making the more generalized rooms less cluttered with things they don’t necessarily want to see coming across the screen. It’s true that it’s not the moderators job to dictate who can talk to you, but it is part of the job to educate people that it is inappropriate and against the rules to bring up certain subjects in certain rooms.

      You are right that with the OC is not possible to pm across rooms. That is a function that is available in the ‘new chat’ or ‘peeps cams chat’ – and something that we are trying to integrate into the newer mv-chat system. With our flashy chat system people can be in more than one room at a time, but room limits, and limits on what subjects should be discussed in the open as per each particular room still apply.

      Hopefully people will find more of what they are looking for with the ways things are being directing in the OC at this time, and in the future we will be using more robust systems with more options. Even then we will still ask that people keep taboo subjects in appropriate rooms, and certain screen names out of certain rooms. Since we have not run into room limits much the past year this has largely been ignored, but I think in the long run this will be better for everyone.

      1. It’s not just subjects. People’s nicknames are being rejected on a room-to-room basis. If their nickname doesn’t match what the room is for, they’re being booted out, regardless if they’re in that room for that fetish or not

        1. lol – I recently brought up the subject of screen names with the moderators. So there may have been some confusion at first which may have had some mods taking things a little too far with this, or maybe not. I have yet to get more than one or two examples to discuss. However users need to consider that we have had rules about this for a long time, and more a long time mods focused mainly on the lobby, and lately we have been able to check in the other rooms more, so people may get a bit of a shock having more eyes and keyboards chiming in to direct people.

          I will make a couple of examples, but it will be impossible for me to list every possible combination of issues.

          Let’s say the name “MasterMike” is in the lobby or FFR.. that name in of itself may not be a reason to tell them to leave the room for the BDSM room.. but it may be a name that someone might mention to them that we have other rooms in which they may be able to discuss openly in the room more of what they are interested in and find others who want to engage in for example “Master / Submissive” discussions. Now that is just going by the screen name. If this screen name was to start openly talking about the D&s lifestyle in some rooms, then that would trigger a warning about our taboo subjects guidelines that have been in the rules for a long time, and they would be asked to either stop all discussion in the open rooms related to such, or switch rooms. The same warning could come if users were pming the moderators and complaining that someone was pming them with abusive come ons.

          Another example, a name like “MasterRapeYourWorthlessblahblah” – that is a name that would be told to change names or switch to one of a couple specific rooms immediately.

          Now I have added some guidance on other types of names in the recent rules updates and content guidelines, futa names for example should no longer be permitted in the lesbian room, and I would discourage them from lounging in the FFR.. again this goes to what our old rules stated. Now I can see how people who are comfortable being in the presence of BDSM roleplay names, and ts/tg names, and fur play stuff thinking “what is the big deal with people who are into these kinds of things being in room [whatever]” – however what is often overlooked is that a room with 40 people in it is likely to have quite a few that feel that certain things are gross or overly freaky. So we have to take the majority into consider within each room.

          If you have specific examples of screen names that have been kicked from a certain room, and you think it is not right, feel free to pm those specifcs to me using the contact form and I will look into them. We are always eager to see if we can moderate things better. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes the mistake is not educating the people who are involved, and sometimes we don’t realize that if we “mod via pm” (talking to a user via private messaging and suggesting they change rooms or name) – that other people in the room may not see the whole process and think that we are being short and heavy handed. Of course with me not being there are the situations in which you are referring to, and not having specific examples it is hard to guess what happened, and if that one, or those particular situations should of been handed differently.

          I do suggest that all users take the time to read and completely understand our rules and content guidelines before jumping to conclusions about things not being fair. I also encourage users to take the time and bring me specific examples, ask questions if they like, and hold back judgment until we have been able to figure an entire situation. Sometimes we will choose to better define the public guidelines, sometimes we need to adapt the situations in which we get involved as mods. Other times we learn that what had appeared to be unfair kick or ban was actually a very long and patient process of moderating via pm where someone violated more rules out of the public eye than others knew about.

          Again I welcome specific examples, and I will look into them. I hope the group of users here will consider adapting to what we are trying to work out here, which should make everything better for everyone. There will likely be some growing pains on multiple sides of all this, but thing should grow in a direction that makes things better for everyone.

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