fbook and instagram ban more sex talk, even emojis

It appears that facebook, and Instagram; which they own… and I assume by extension the messenger app, are going to censor speech even more by limiting when you can use a peach or eggplant emoji.

The facebook “community standards” aka “the rules”, as pointed out by fox news recently, show that even insinuating sex is not allowed on the platforms. They point to an update that fbook posted in July and mention that adult industry news site Xbiz has said that violating the horny eggplast rules could get your account flagged or banned. eggplant-sexual-ban-meme

They quote “suggestive elements” that could get you banned — when paired with nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, and sex chat conversations — includes “contextually specific and commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings.”

I immediately started to wonder is this just for activity wall posts? Does it include pms/dms, the chat thing? Are they watching the flirting and sex talk in messenger and direct messages through Instagram? What about private groups? If you tell your wife you can’t wait to get home and eat her hot peaches via private chat will it get deleted? Could you get banned for being a pervert?

If the message is censored and never delivered, and you assume your lover is aware that you are on your way home and eager to taste her peach, things could go wrong.

The article at fox news goes on to show where facebook is also saying they will remove content if a sexual emoji is alongside implicit or even indirect ask for nudes or sex or sexual partners or sex chat conversation. Instagram apparently said “We aren’t taking action on simply the emojis.” to the New York Post.

Then I see: Adult actress Kendra James told XBIZ she was once banned from Instagram on the grounds of solicitation “after I told a man who DM’d me demanding free nude pics that this was my job and he could join my site.”

So they are getting into you Dms, the computers and the employees. Looking at what you say and determining bans. This is disturbing. How many millions of people have had sexual conversations with their lovers and have no idea that employees in various countries may be looking at them and considering banning them for have sexual discussions in private messages?

Isn’t fbook rolling out a dating section of their site in different countries around the world? How is it that people are going to be talking about dating and not talk about sex? I mean, I can imagine there are some virgins out there who refuse to talk about sex until they are married, and that is totally fine. I’m just being realistic thinking that millions of people will be chatting away about interesting and things that turn them off, and sex is likely going to come up for most of them – and facebook is just going to censor more and more, and ban people too?!

I see the dating thing via facebook failing if you can’t talk about sexual things with your potential partner through the service. Maybe they will suggest people download a more private app like signal or wickr in order to take it to the next level.

Omg! Look at the other things they demand you not post:
(from https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/sexual_solicitation )

Do not post:

Attempted coordination of or recruitment for adult sexual activities, including but not limited to:

Filmed sexual activities
Pornographic activities, strip club shows, live sex performances, erotic dances
Sexual, erotic, or tantric massages

Explicit sexual solicitation by, including but not limited to the following, offering or asking for:

Sex or sexual partners
Sex chat or conversations
Nude photos/videos/imagery

Well you can post all those kinds of things here in our chat rooms or in the peeps profiles / social sharing section. So long as everyone in them is over 18.

There are many other things on that page that just leave me chuckling. I think it says it’s okay to mention on fbook that you are erect or wet, but not offer to engage in conversation about that.

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