fbook and instagram ban more sex talk, even emojis

It appears that facebook, and Instagram; which they own… and I assume by extension the messenger app, are going to censor speech even more by limiting when you can use a peach or eggplant emoji.

The facebook “community standards” aka “the rules”, as pointed out by fox news recently, show that even insinuating sex is not allowed on the platforms. They point to an update that fbook posted in July and mention that adult industry news site Xbiz has said that violating the horny eggplast rules could get your account flagged or banned. eggplant-sexual-ban-meme

first scsc ad girl video

A while back we had someone offer to make a fun video showing some love for scsc. So we kicked around some ideas, and decided make a few videos with girls being sexy and showing some love for sexchatsexchat. Here is a teaser video showing Allie doing some sexy stripping and a little bed dance with her “I heart scsc” sign.


We will be considering more submissions from girls and guys who would like to show some love with a video. Just send me an email and we can chat about it.

The worst opening lines

There was some discussion a few days ago in the chat room about some bad opening lines. Some of the users said they could quickly spout off the top 10 totally lame opening lines. I had thought that maybe we should list some of the bad lines, and maybe some of the good ones. I have also begun to work on a project that will soon be available to for testing, in which having some info about good and bad lines would be very helpful.

OMG – Yahoo shuts down their free chatrooms

yahoo messenger chat rooms startWhen trying to speed up one of my older computers that is mainly used as a jukebox, I decided to change the yahoo messenger default settings so it no longer launches every time the computer starts up. In order to do that it required me to login, which I think is stupid, I mean the damn thing is running, why can’t I just click preferences and change that? Anyway I logged into ye old messenger in order to change the preferences, and I noticed a message saying that the yahoo chat rooms were being taken off line Dec 14 2012. This was kind of shocking to me, as those free chat rooms have been quite popular for a long time. Here is a blog post from yahoo on their decision to kill off the free chat rooms. – Edit – The yahoo blog where that info was at seems to be having a database connection issue, that has lasted more than 48 hours, so taking the link down until it is fixed.

Happy year of sex chat

As we begin the infamous 2012, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year, and give a big thanks to all of our moderators, and the regular users who help keep our sex chat rooms fun and friendly. 2011 saw plenty of changes around the world, and the site here went through a few changes as well. sex-chat-2012

Sex chat around the world – pretty interesting

I have been amazed at how people from all over the world come into the free sex chat rooms here, and not only seem to have different expectations, but different ways of communicated desires in general. Over the years I have seen people talking it up in the chat room from all over the world, Australia, to Europe, to America, and everywhere in between. Some of the language differences I expected, but the overall method of communication varies much more than I ever expected as well.