first scsc ad girl video

A while back we had someone offer to make a fun video showing some love for scsc. So we kicked around some ideas, and decided make a few videos with girls being sexy and showing some love for sexchatsexchat. Here is a teaser video showing Allie doing some sexy stripping and a little bed dance with her “I heart scsc” sign.


We will be considering more submissions from girls and guys who would like to show some love with a video. Just send me an email and we can chat about it.

7 thoughts on “first scsc ad girl video”

  1. Love those cute little tits!! Would be so fun to see how much I could get in my mouth!! And at abt 45 seconds into the vid, her pussy lips can be seen plainly and gave me a woody!!!

  2. ladylikes™-TallOne(m)™s lady-

    These are two very appealing videos – very nice idea 🙂

    The only complaint I have is, that unless you enlarge this video, it won’t stay visible and changes to the other advertising video suggest. Back and forth between the two videos, every few seconds.

    Maybe this could be changed.


    Greetings – ladylikes.

    1. ladylikes – thanks for the info! I had played them with one device and not testing playing them once the sidebar thing was put together. I assume you mean when the sidebar “slidehsow” kind of thing is switching between the two that playing one only lasts until it auto slides. I will look to see if there is a way to pause that if someone clicks to play the video. Interesting that it is working this way, I had never considered that!

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