KIK mobile chat app WAS going to shut down

A few weeks ago I read that the semi-popular KIK messaging app was going to shut down. IT was said that they put all thier hopes into doing some kind of new bitcoin like digital currency thing and that they were warned by the US securities commission that it might not be right to do so. Or something like that. Anyhow it seems that they were not able to roll out this kik-coin thing in time to rake in the millions from an “ICO” – and so they ran out of steam and were pulling the plug, with some of team staying behind to work on the new digital token thing, without the app able to keep it’s bills paid. At least that’s what I remember from a couple of articles / discussions – that may not be accurate or the best way to put it – it’s just what I read between the lines perhaps.

The worst opening lines

There was some discussion a few days ago in the chat room about some bad opening lines. Some of the users said they could quickly spout off the top 10 totally lame opening lines. I had thought that maybe we should list some of the bad lines, and maybe some of the good ones. I have also begun to work on a project that will soon be available to for testing, in which having some info about good and bad lines would be very helpful.

The avatars missing from the original chat rooms

We did a small update to the original chat rooms today, and in the process removed the ability to add an avatar pic to go along with the screen names. This also removed the ability for everyone to add a profile link as well. Sorry about this abrupt change to those who used these options frequently, due to some other changes with the chat, it’s simply not going to work any longer.

There is a chance that I would make the avatar pic feature available to premium members who donate to our cause, but that is not going to be possible for a couple weeks at the earliest.

Sex chat with emoticons – important or not?

The emoticons we have been using the past year or so are a mix of some standards, and some custom pieces mashed up when I wanted to change up the standard bland ones with some dirtier ones. During this process of changing some of the standard emoticons we got some feedback from several of the regular users and tried to tailor some to suit the needs of the users’ most requested. Creating the newer ones became a mashup from several different artists, mixing up color pallets and creating some that do not blend as well (not to mention a few that just don’t have the placement pixel perfect, creating some over-bleed when certain emoticons are used). As much as I enjoy having some naughtier emoticons, it has been my impression that they are not used that often, so updating them is on my list, but has not been a top priority this year. sex chat naughty emoticons pic

Happy year of sex chat

As we begin the infamous 2012, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year, and give a big thanks to all of our moderators, and the regular users who help keep our sex chat rooms fun and friendly. 2011 saw plenty of changes around the world, and the site here went through a few changes as well. sex-chat-2012

Sex chat around the world – pretty interesting

I have been amazed at how people from all over the world come into the free sex chat rooms here, and not only seem to have different expectations, but different ways of communicated desires in general. Over the years I have seen people talking it up in the chat room from all over the world, Australia, to Europe, to America, and everywhere in between. Some of the language differences I expected, but the overall method of communication varies much more than I ever expected as well.



Challenge for the Regs

So I’ve been thinking about posting this challenge to the regs for a long time. It’s a collection of a few random thoughts, and this may be updated, but it’s long over due, so getting some of this out is better than never getting it done for you all. So here it goes.

The challenge:


Take a new approach with the newbs  (newbies, noobs, new users) and the rude people.

New emoticons today – a few issues

I spent all night working on some tiny new emoticons tonight. Some of them came out good, and a few of them will be replaced, that’s a small issue I will try to work on this weekend. With the initial testing and chat system restarts, I started to notice a little or maybe big problem.

I am guessing it’s an issue with browser caching, or ISP caching, but some people are seeing the old set of emoticons, and some people will be seeing the new ones. This can cause some major mis-communication. Sorry folks, but I can’t think of any way to fix this. Petite was still seeing the old emoticons even after a browser restart and computer restart.