Too Lez for the lobby?

Recent discussion in the lobby about being “too lesbian in the lobby” turned into quite an interesting debate about several different things. sexy-girls-extreme-lingerie-whip-cuffsOf course the back and forth in the chat room (at least from this one session that I got a chat log from) was pretty heated and all over the place. There were several good points made on all sides of this issue, and a couple of things that should be considered outside the discussion.

I got an email from a user with a name similar to “Sexy Gentleman” explaining how he was seeing things, and what his issues were, and some examples. After reading the complaint email and then some of the chat logs, it became apparent to me that there were / are actually a couple of things that need to be looked at with this situation.

The more complete page of info sent / received with my replies and commentary here:
with many details from the complaint email and some of the info from the chat log as well.

I encourage everyone to read the thoughts on these issues, and add their own in the comments on the long form page (not on this post here).

Quick summary of replies

To summarize what I came up with from thinking about the bit of information I received:

Gay, Lesbian, Trans, and others will not be told they can not be in the lobby.
We do have restrictions for certain names and discussions however, and we may include sex in general, including gay or lesbian sex in what should not be broadcast to the lobby, but instead taken to pm or to another room where it would be more appropriate.

Harassment is not appropriate or tolerated in most of the rooms. It may be that we have slacked a bit on warning / stopping / kicking for harassment / being overly aggressive. Not sure of the specifics at this time.

Read more about all this on the full page here:

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