Coming changes to the new chats

I’ve got a long list of upcoming changes to the new chats that are being worked on. Some of these changes will be a huge change in the way things work, many are minor improvements suggested by users, and some will be in the update pipeline for some time later this year.

The biggest change will come to the NC / peeps cams chat / ‘new chat’ system; soon the settings for guest users (non registered) there will not be able to type at all in the main window. Given that non-registered can not initiate pms either, basically non-registered in the NC will only be able to sit and watch the chat unless someone pms them first. I know that sounds like a crazy change, but there is a reason for that. The NC was set that way for most of the past 2 years or so, I only adjusted that setting to allow non-registered to type when the OC went down. At that moment I had forgotten why things got set that way.

There may be a second option, and I am actively pursuing a third, however I figured it’s best to warn people of the possible change anyhow. During NC settings changes that system may go down for an hour or hours, depending how file things go.

As mentioned in previous posts, the mv-chat system will be getting most of my coding and update time, so there will be many more changes and updates there. None likely as big of a change any time soon, but depending what issues come up, I’m staying flexible with how things work there. There is a list of things in the comments on the mv-chat info page that are being considered for modifying with the mv system.

I think most of the things in the comments there will be worked on, most can be rolled out pretty quickly, over the next few days. Some will take longer.

Of course we’re always open for suggestions, bug reports and all that. Some post on the site suggestions page, some are posting things specific to the mv-chat on the mv-chat info page.

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