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Forums for scsc have moved a couple times

Over the years we had several different forums setup in one location or another. At one point we moved our forums from one system to another and put them in a similar, yet different location in the "site tree". We loved the forums, and some people used them for the profiles and private messaging more than the public discussion area. We put a lot of time into the tech side of the forums for a while with the intention of making them a multi use place for our regular users and using them to connect profiles with our OC / Old Chat system.

We suffered many setbacks with the technical side of the forums system, and eventually moved more and more of the fucntionality we wanted with the forums programs into the "peeps profiles / activity" areas. As more and more people became familiar with the functions of seocial networking layout and fucntions similar to facebook and myspace, the /peeps section had a more familiar and user friendly layout and feel. Our newer mv chat system developed new hooks that allowed the backend system of the peeps section to blend with the chat system profiles, and has become the new place for us to have profiles, prublic discussion groups, picture sharing and other features that were once only available in the forums sections.

scsc forums old moved new

We were truly sad to see all the time and money that we had put into the old forums systems just bascially get destroyed as we deleted these old files for security enhancements, and moved on to the newer peeps section. However it looks like more people are using the peeps section on a regular basis, and before the layout of forums area just kept many from using it. In the end it was the security problems we ran into and the lack of technicaly support to keep the old forums running in a lean and secure way that would connect with out chat systems that led to the demise of that old code. We wanted to export and keep some of the old public posts, but never found a good way to do that. I would of loved a method to export the profiles and picture albums for all the users who had registered there, but mainting the privacy settings and all that would of been stressful if possible. We never did find any methods for connecting the vbulletin systems with the wordpress systems that we were moving to, that we felt comfortable with. There were some posts and code put into the wild here and there, some people said it worked - but we just did not trust it enough to try it out.

So the forums have moved the peeps section, and all the fucntions we had in the forums are available there, along with several things that we never had in the old systems. We were not able to move over the old profiles or the old messages and such, but the new system seems to have more people around the world writing code for things like that, so hopefully this new system will continue to eveolve and thrive, and not be relagated to old tech that is not well maintained, unlike some software we have used in the past.

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