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Streaming sex chat can be lots of jpg pictures refreshed quickly, kind of like the GIF animations that have regained popularity on sites like tumblr and pinterest, or streaming video sex chat using technology such as macromedia flash (which has been bought by Adobe, so it's now more commonly known as Adobe Flash. and windows media streaming server. A majority of the professional video chat services are using streaming video technology that provides excellent video quality these days. Most of the popular services are using some form of flash technology to provide excellent video, although some are starting to work with html 5 as well - as the flash video technology does not work on a majority of tablets and other mobile devices. Html 5, although a fairly new technology for streaming video, is supposed to have as good of quality as flash has been delivering for some time.

We offer you options to try each and decide which is best for you!

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Many years ago, I am guessing around 1999, streaming video sex was very small, and very choppy. The technology back then basically used small pictures that were sent one after another - forcing your web browser to refresh the page every second or so to provide a small, choppy “live video stream” - it was fun to see proof that what w were watching was live, but it was nothing like it is today.

These days as long as the internet connection is good with both parties (broadband!) - and the lighting is well done for the man or woman on cam, then you can expect to get some real nice, smooth and crisp video - even at full screen if your computer's video card can handle it - we can now enjoy HD live video streams. Combine that with the audio that many cam girls and cam guys have, and today's streaming sex chat is pretty awesome!

Also consider streaming video on demand, where you can pick your favorite movies and watch them right now on your computer screen in digital quality streaming video:

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