Issues brought by the mods and regular chatters

It’s mid-July, 2013 – and an issue with one of the moderators and couple of the regs turned into quite a big conversation. So this is a new post about that to move some of the conversation over here, since the reply to threads have been exhausted for the most part of the moderator complaints page.

A quick run down of what I can remember real quick –

One of the mods kicked for using caps too many times in her opinion. *edit – July 19* – The reason for the kick was pushing back against the rules, and warning about using all caps too much. (Questioning the rules, or pushing back against what the mods say should not be done in the chat room, but instead on the mod complaints page, feedback page, rules page, etc) *end edit* Several of the regular users from the chat room thought it was unfair and we started to discuss the kick itself, and the caps rule that we have had, and it’s enforcement. We mentioned discussing changing or updating the rules or they way things are handled. During some of the commenting back and forth of course there were some occasional emotions running high, and then other things brought into the discussion.

Whether or not all of the moderators are fair, are the rules themselves fair, and should they be updated. Should there be a black and white amount of ALL CAPS that is allowed? IF one person is using them in a way that makes sense for their statements, does that mean that someone else may make similar statements just for an excuse to mimic the use of all caps? Should we scold, kick or ban those who we believe are going over an edge, and ignore someone else who maybe used them more, but in a way that was making sense to those who were watching?

Should we remind regular users that the way the interact with each affects not only the screen space of others who are in the room, like on this post from Feb 2011 about posting too many links. Should we be more mindful that the way we talk which each other starts to teach others that sending similar letters across the screen is okay, and normal? Should it matter that a newer girl to the room mind find some of the discussions bothersome? Should we be teaching others the the cool kids use caps, post a lot of links, and use words like cunt and stink-gape without expectation of being asked not to? Maybe we don’t need to get into all those things, and instead spend more time teaching the newer users how to use the block button, and educating them that just because someone else does something here and gets ignored for it, that does not translate into you as a new user coming posting 3 links of porn, using caps 3 times, and calling 3 people cunts – you would likely get banned for that.

There are many questions that have come up in the comments that were started in this thread here. ( )

I am sure I have missed some of them in this quick post to get it up here, but I do want to research each issue, discuss it, and come up with a framework to make everything better for everyone – the regs, the mods, the noobs, everyone. I am taking each issue very seriously, and though I am unaware of the intended tone of some of the comments made on the initial thread (I have no idea if lick and Dee are being catty or just being funny with each other for one) – either way, I am making myself read each comment twice, and looking for the statements that we can actually work with.

More on all this in the comments below I suppose.

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  1. Just found a comment in the ‘marked a spam folder’ that almost got auto-deleted. This comment here (way below) was made earlier and is now published – but may have been, or be missed by others who are following this discussion.

  2. Hello All,
    For those that know me, I’m Freezey/Misty/RHCPChick19 and any other variation of Freezey with various brackets and amusing lyrics, I digress.
    I try and maintain a friendly-ish approach to all on the site, although I will admit to occasionally taking the mick and poking fun. Although, I try to limit that to those I’m either on comfortable enough terms with that they know I’m joking, or to those who try to insult me. I am not saying all regs are like me in their respect for other users, and I’m not saying that all other regs attack users. I’ve seen regs do both, and most of the more reasonably behaved regs may push their luck a bit with caps, or excessive use of letters or symbols in the Lobby, but I’ve never seen or known a user to be offended by a few extra caps for emphasis, or exclamation points.
    I’ve been a reg on this site for a year and a bit, and I have to admit, to begin with, I was intimidated by the lobby, the fast pace, colourful fonts, endless in-jokes, and wouldn’t type or “talk” for fear of mocking, or an onslaught of PMs. I sought shelter in a quieter side room and remained there until lobby regs dragged me out of my hidey hole. I’ve met good people, silly people and annoying people in the lobby, and it’s rare that people don’t have a combination of two of those qualities in abundance. And I must note, since the problems in the early months of this year, the lobby has lost a lot of the more intimidating regs, and thus become more friendly for the randoms and newbs. I often talk to new users when they PM me, and do not find the need to address them rudely or treat them with anything less than courtesy. I must also note here, that often new users are shocked to have any reply, let alone a polite one.
    I must also say that although there’s one or two regs I’m not fond of enough to regularly engage in discussion, I have no subliminal or hidden wars raging, that I know of. Although what people interpret from my actions / words may lend itself to a different story. I confess to never holding back if I feel something needs to be said, which is why I’m commenting here. Again, I’m on a tangent, but I merely wished to point out I have no hidden agenda, and although I occasionally am unsure on how mods interpret and enforce the rules, I rarely, if ever, comment in main or to the mod(s) in question, as how they moderate is their prerogative, and the fact that they chose to help the site which I frequent lends themselves positively in my eyes.
    However, it is sometimes noticeable that mods may hold one rule in a certain way for one person, and perhaps in a more lenient manner for another. This can, and often had been seen as favoring, or discriminating, although I think it might be that sometimes it’s more obvious than others. I myself have used caps to enforce a point, or to greet someone in a manner that would be correctly deemed excessive. I have also been known to lose my temper once or twice, and however rare that maybe, I think a mod was present on both occasions( and was suitably chastised) , so the fact I intermittently have a short fuse is not hidden, but I hope it doesn’t affect negatively on my comments today.
    I’m not going to label or provide evidence for injustice after injustice, I think recently there have been jabs and jibes between regs and mods and I personally do not enjoy them, mainly because peoples are left with a bitter taste and that reflects in heir attitude to the bystanders, as it were.
    In my opinion, for what it’s worth, I think that mods should be relied upon to make judgement calls, in situations, for when someone is breaking the rules or pushing them. And although you could argue, the rule is a rule, caps are excessive after more than three words every thirty minutes, I also feel that sometimes the ability to emphasize, or put pressure on a word, using caps, like you would when enunciating can add depth to the chat. This could also be argued with the topic of discussion, I know there was a disagreement a while ago about an “incest” topic in the Lobby, which I do not know the full details of, I just understand that in a certain way it sounds like incest, in another it doesn’t and it was down to a mod to make a judgement call. And regs felt like they were singled out. I’m not sure if I’m being factitious when I say, the mods are so little in number, and there’s so rarely an addition is made, that I would hope that they would be capable of looking into a discussion like that and discerning the perpetrators and the deed without too much fuss.
    I would like to say that most issues would be addressed by the appointing of new mods. And although I did, myself, send in a request for consideration a while ago, I’d rather this was not considered a ruse for getting what I want, instead I think it would improve the relations between regs and mods if the regs were allowed to nominate people that they thought were suitable for a trial run.
    In addition to that fairly long winded request for new mods, I would also like to address some statements made by Mikey in particular and others.
    Although I will accept that sometimes regs over look, and occasionally behave like they know nothing of, the rules, I do feel it’s unjust tarring all with the same brush. Some regs do take liberties, true, and may not behave with the utmost curtsy to other users, also true. But this is why we need more mods, so the mods as they are aren’t so stressed with dealing with all the major rule breakers, that they kick (which, is perfectly within their rights but does seem to lead to a rather over flowing complaints page ) for relatively minor misdemeanors. In reference to Zac, a lot of regs had no clue what names he came in under, and even if they had their suspicions, would be unwilling to but someone who may be innocent of being Zac’s head under the hammer. I myself know that a mod had a suspicion about someone they thought may be him and answered the questions as fully as possible. It’s unfair to say that “All regs do this” or “All regs do that” because one of the things that makes this site so amusing is the variation of people, beliefs and behaviours. I will say Most regs do push the boat, but Most regs know when to stop, and in my opinion that’s the difference between cheek and rule breaking.
    -As my parting words, I would like to say this is in no way a complaint at any individuals, I appreciate greatly the sacrifice the mods make to do their thing, I comment merely to input my opinion into what seems to be a growing debate.-

  3. The problem is simple, there is a group of regs that like to think they run the place and push the rules and even bully people to the point they leave. When something is said to them it is the same song and dance “I do no wrong.” We can argue this till we are all blue in the face. The point is if a mod ask you not to do something the drop it right then and there. If you really want to know why you were asked to stop then PM them and ask.
    There is no reason to fight with a mod or even question them in an open room, that is just disrespectful and starts problems. If you feel that the mod was out of line then take it to the complaints page or email Nash about it, there is no reason what so ever to bring it to the room.

    I have seen people say “I know the rules” well if you know the rules then why are we having this conversation? If you truly knew the rules then you would know that fighting with a mod or even back talking them in an open room is against the rules. You would also know that talking about how you started masturbating at age 10 or had sex for the first time at age 15 is against the rules. Or how about knowing someone who has been bann from the site is back and you keep it quiet or even flat out lie and say “no that is not so and so” knowing very well it is. How about the fact you post links time and time again of BSMS in the lobby knowing that it is not allowed and should be taken to the BDSM room. How about fighting with trolls all the time and saying “I should not have to use my block button.” Or if we want to get real nit picky how about post photos of children in the lobby. Last I checked you were not allowed to show photos of anyone under the age of 18. All against the rules yet its talked about or done time and time again, but the people doing it says they know the rules. All regs push rules, but most of them when asked to stop do so. It is a select few that keep doing it and over and over even when asked to stop.

    People don’t like to come to the lobby when that group of people are one because of the rule pushing, the attacking and over all not making it fun anymore. When they are told to stop things like this conversation happen and its sad. The mods do their best to make this place fun with in the rules yet some people cant follow them and mess it up for everyone.

    My advice to everyone New and Old regs alike is to just to read follow the rules and stop pushing them, we have them for a reason. Lets just go back to having fun.

    1. WAIT! This is about snipping back and forth? I thought it was about mods not enforcing the rules in a fair and unbiased matter. Snipping back and forth is totally easy to fix, there is a block button for a reason. Or is this really about the fact that you CAN’T block us cause you are a mod? I’m sorry for that, that must be annoying.

      I find it hard to believe that a certain group of regs ruins the lobby for everyone else. If we REALLY talked about taboo subjects and broke the rules wouldn’t we be kicked more? If we are truly only talking to ourselves why not block us? Surely, you wouldn’t miss us! Or maybe that is it, maybe you can’t block us because we help make the lobby entertaining. Come on, admit it, 98% of the time you like watching the lobby when we are there because it’s fun. Or maybe you don’t like it cause you can’t join in, IDK.

      You say we shouldn’t argue with the mods and I’m all for this. If a mod tells me to do something I listen, most of the time. The exceptions to this have been when a mod used passive aggressive behavior and instead of asking me to stop, she used an action phrase and something along the lines of “hmmmmm should there be a room for this” did I stop? Nope, she didn’t ask me to. Did I argue? Nope, but a friend of mine might have. Second time I didn’t listen was with the caps debacle. Same mod answered our questions with a bitchy tone and non-helpful information. I would think there should be a ‘challenge to mods’ how to act professionally while on the job. I don’t have a superiority complex, I don’t have a problem with people in a position of power I have a problem with people abusing said power. I have a problem with people recycling the same old bullshit excuses and arguments and not really answering anything or contributing to the conversation. I have a problem with people not admitting they are wrong. No, we should not argue with mods but they shouldn’t bait us either and these mods did that with their smart assed comments. Also, in the rules, it says to take the matter to pm so that better information can be given. Did the mod in question try to take this to pm? I know I didn’t get a pm. Why engage with us if you feel we are arguing? Why not pm us? Or simple use the age old response that professionals everywhere use “I can not answer that at this time, feel free to pm me” I will reiterate again, because these mods did not show professionalism and now are back tracking and trying to make this about other issues.

      Also, on the lines of BSMS (IDK what that is but I’m assuming BDSM) Obviously, it is not one of the mods thing there have been several complaints about her involving it. There is no rule saying no porn in the lobby. There is a rule saying to limit the links. Which I did. Perhaps we have different views but to me I’d rather see a picture of someone with a rope around their wrists than a brutal throat fuck, which you have allowed. This again, seems like a matter of preference rather than actually following the rules. What constitutes BDSM porn? Why is lesbian porn allowed and not told to go to the lesbian room?

      But I’m getting off on a tangent. I meant to answer your other post which pointed out that we ruin the lobby.

      We are not a callous group of regs that sticks to themselves and turn off the new users. We greet new people, we answer questions, we point out rules and features of the room. We engage with users that are being bullied by other users. I will go so far as to say you are wrong, mods don’t make the room, regs do. And these regs pull new people into the mix, involve them in our convos and help them become someone that other regs talk to. We aren’t the “old regs” (this is not a shot at anyone, this is how the old regs talk about themselves sometimes) that just sit and complain that the new regs are shit. We take action and help introduce people.

      Did you know that I recently, on two separate occasions, took new users to every, single room on scs? They were new to the site and didn’t know that there were rooms for fetishes and such. I took them to every room and introduced them to the people that I knew there. Tell me I didn’t make them feel welcome. Did you know in the passed week that I have witnessed someone being berated by another user and struck up a conversation with them so that they didn’t feel bad? Did you know that in the passed couple of days that I’ve pmed several users with inappropriate names telling them why it was against the rules? Did you know that in the passed few hours that I’ve pmed a mod about an underage user? I’m more than just a name, more than just a reg, I actually try to make people feel welcome because this place can be over whelming, the regs can be oblivious to new users, and we can be confusing at times. However, people pm me with questions about what is happening in the lobby all the time! I answer every single question. I think that you could ask several of the new regs and even old regs for that matter and they would say that I answered their questions at some point and tried to help them.

      I’m not saying I’m a perfect reg cause, well, we all know I FAIL waaaaayyyyy to much to be perfect. What I’m saying is that you don’t know what we do in pm, you don’t know who ‘knows’ us and you certainly can’t say we “ruin” the lobby for everyone else. So please, for the sake of all of us, block me. If you can’t keep up with my convo, don’t like what I’m saying, can’t stand to see me get attention…..BLOCK ME.

      1. StinkHOLE… I love you.
        I couldnt have said this any better.
        Stop looking at us as obnoxious, loud mouthed “old regs” and take a look at what we DO do in the room.
        Its like parenting, focus on the bad things your kids do, they drive you crazy. Focus on what they are doing right, life is far more pleasant. (Best reference i could think of)

      2. i’m not quite sure how to start this, but i will try. When i first came to this site, many years ago (albeit, using a different name) there was a group of regs that run the lobby, the mods enforced the site rules, but the regs ran the lobby. Did that make the lobby a closed shop? no. Did it scare away newcomers? no. Did it make it an intimidating place for newcomers? no. What did happen though, was all newcomers were educated to behave. Good behaviour led to understanding, which led to the lobby being one of the most fun, enjoyable and addictive things i have ever known. People knew when a use of caps was acceptable, when making a risque comment was the right or wrong side of the line and all the mods had to do was look after the spammers, bots and the occaisonal fuckwit that sneaked through. As some of the older regs left, which happens all the time in a fast moving community, political correctness moved in and unfortunately, we all forgot where we were………A SITE FOR ADULTS. The regs now, who stand up to some over zealous mods, are not trying to take away their powers, they are, in my opinion trying to return, common sense back to the lobby so the mods can do their job easier. The use of caps can be used for effect, the telling of risque comments can be made, all that is required is both mods and regs, thinking first, repling afterwards. Right, i’ve had my say, i’m going to grab a fag and enjoy the simple pleasure of sucking deeply and blowing a few cool rings. Thank you for allowing me to spout off

  4. I remember the challenge to the regs and i remember how divided it made the room. Nash, I pointed this out many times, the chat log shows, I never argued with Kalina in the room, I was trying to clarify why we were being warned over very little caps use. The chat log shows Kalina and FSU making comments that would actually spark a fight!

    Simple fact is, there is going to be users who dont like other users. As for those who happily add a comment under a hidden name here, that is proof that a certain group of regs (I know i am part of it) are disliked, because we talk a lot.
    I would like to point out that LMSM and I both talk to new users on a daily basis, we do not call out “PMers” in the lobby (which if i remember correctly, was part of the reg challenge) in the lobby and we do not abuse other users just for their sexual preferences. Yet, a lot of newer regs who may not be aware of how nasty that looks, do it on a daily basis.

    All i am saying, is for those happy to point fingers of blame, just remember that you may not be so sweet and innocent as you think.

    (Sorry if this doesnt make total sense, typing on a phone and cant proof read it)

    1. I never argued with Kalina in the room, I was trying to clarify why we were being warned over very little caps use. The chat log shows Kalina and FSU making comments that would actually spark a fight!

      I will need to look at the chat log again to clarify all this – it may be true, and I may agree with this, or it may not be accurate – it may be something in the middle where one person sees something one way, and others interpret it differently. After my first scan of the chat, I can’t really say either way, so all parties involved me have a legitimate issue with this situation actually.

      There is always going to be some users who do not like others, hopefully they do not engage each other in negative talk in the rooms, and use the block / iggy buttons when needed. I am now aware of any one person, or niche group of people who has issues with the regs, or those who talk a lot in the lobby. However I know that I have need seen enough of the day to day conversations over a long period of time to know either. Something I admitted in the post above, and elsewhere over the years as well. So it could be that some are disliked, again I hope that it does not cause drama in the rooms, and that people block as needed.

      I sincerely appreciate it when the regs help the newer users use the chat system here, and I think the newer users certainly appreciate it as well. If there are newer regs who are abusing users based on sexual preference, or anything like that, please let me, or one of the other moderators know. We may need chat logs to see the exact issues in order to address it properly.

      At this point I do think that we all need to point fingers at ourselves. I am willing to bet that every single person involved in this situation, and most people who have been using the chat lately, have been guilty of going over some lines. I will certainly be looking at myself, and the rules for the users, and the moderating procedures. I hope the regs will take some time to consider some of the important things brought up in the comments here as well. I think this place will become better for the regs, the newer users, and the moderators with some reflection, forethought and minor changes all around.

  5. I am still looking at the initial kick issue, and all the other comments and statements that have been made related to that issue, and the others. We will be reflecting on what transpired as admins / moderators to consider if things should be handled differently. I would also like to have the regs take some time to think about how some of their statements may be perceived by others.

    Some of the comment threads we bringing up a spat of issues in which some may have seen a regs just pushing the limits of the rules for the sport of it. I don’t think that’s the whole story, I think different people have different reasons for stirring the ‘barely against the rules’ pot. I am sure some are not aware of the rules, and even more of today’s regular users are not aware of the things that we brought up a while back in the challenge to the regs.

    I am open to solidifying certain rules if that is what is necessary. Some of the comments that have been made have suggested that we do not really need to come up with a black and white number of how many caps words are allowed to be used in X amount of time. If we need to, or don’t need to – I’ll leave that up to everyone here. The moderators have been thinking about these things, and discussing them for a while now. What I would like to ask the regs to do is think about some things as well.

    It’s easy to get comfortable chatting with the dozen or so people that you are used to seeing, and I understand that others in the regular group of users are more aware than even I am about what kind of relationships people have with each other, who is joking, and who is not. I think our groups of regular users has been great at taking any flack that comes with some use of the terms of endearment that have been thrown around lately. “Hey cunt, hey stink-gape!” (I know it’s not stink-gape – I am merely adding a little to it for effect, as that is likely how many of the other users in the room will be reading that) – these things are not against the rules, and personally don’t bother me a bit.

    The thing that I have to consider many times in the chat, is that there are often many more people watching the screen go by. There are many things that I start to type, then use backspace a hundred times before I hit send. The thing is, I don’t want to affect so many in the main room. I slip up with this at times, but I really think about what I am saying, and how it may affect many of the users in the main room. Some of my statement would be well received by a majority of users in say the BDSM room – but maybe not understood by a majority of people in the main room for example.

    With that in mind, we do have rules about taboo subjects, and if things said in one room are likely to be considered edge-play, overly taboo, etc – in one room, they should be taken to a different room. I understand there are different words, phrases used in various cultures, and not all of us are going to see the same statements or individual words the same.

    With some subjects, it may be better to take them to another room, or keep things in PM. We have to consider how others are going to take our statements. It is our responsibility as regular users to make sure that others are taught what is proper in the main room, and what is not. Not that everyone needs to explain the rules to every noob that shows up, but we should be making some newer users move to a different room for rough sex talk and then have the regs engage in a discussion about sheep or something.

    few more random thoughts for everyone – I hope to have time to go through the other comments that were left in the original discussion thread to address as many as I can over the next couple of days.

  6. I edited a line above and put edit there. When I wrote this post real quick in order to open up a better discussion area for the recent issues brought up I did not get everything in the initial post, and not all was right. The reason for the Yums kick was that at the time there was some arguing about the rules or pushing back against one of the moderators in the main room. I will need to go back through the chat log I received to review all that – but wanted to clarify that was the reason listed.

    It has been a rule for a long time that arguing about the rules, or with the moderators in the chat rooms is not allowed. We prefer to take debates about moderators, the moderating procedures, and the rules out of the chat rooms, and to the complaints pages, or directly to me in emails. This will allow us to have a better conversation about issues, give a place where others can chime in, and save valuable screen space for the other users among other things.

  7. Yes caps, links and taboo talk have been way over the top lately in the lobby to the point that its not fun to go in there anymore. You have regs doing everything they can to push the rules. It is to the point you have people making comments about “inmates are running the jail” and it not being fun that they go to another room. The Family Fun Room has become the spot to hang out because as someone said “It’s like the old lobby, its fun, rules are not being pushed to much and there is much less drama.”

    We are all 18 and over, we need to act like it and stop with the snipping back and forth and stop making the mods job even harder. We need to use common sense and act mature when dealing with things. Yes I know not everyone can do that because if they could then we would have close to a perfect world. Most of the regs have been around long enough to know the rules (or should know them) they should know that instead of coming in and making comments about a rule take it to the complaints page. They should also know that if you don’t like someone or what they say then use your block button. There are to many times to count where a reg has said “I am not going to block, I should not have to” or something around those lines.

    I think it is time that we all put our big girl or boy pants on and stop snipping back and forth and act like the mature adults we should be. Stop making this hard for Nash and the mods, they have enough they deal with. Lets just all follow the rules and stop trying to push them so much. There is always the option of opening your own room if you don’t like something, there you can kick who you want, when you want for any reason you want.

    1. I agree with everything you have said. I have been coming to this site for almost 2 years. The lobby has really gone downhill lately. There is without a doubt, certain regs who push the boundaries with what they say, and what they post. They know they are doing it, especially when there are no mods around. They seem to think they own this site and can do whatever they want.

      There are many new people who don’t return to the site because of a certain group of regs. (Everyone knows who they are). From their inside jokes putting other users down, to just out and out insulting people. It’s almost like other users are getting in the way of their conversation.(Omg, how dare other people talk in the lobby!) I think most people will agree, the majority of the regs are fabulous, willing to help out new users by pointing out rules and things like that. Just a few who spoil it for everyone.

      By the way, it’s hard to believe all this has come about from a few regs being told to limit their caps usage. I mean, come on. Rules are rules. It’s not that hard to obey them. Respect the mods. Without them, we wouldn’t have this site.

    2. Interesting that an “Anonymous” comment is so heavily from a mod’s perspective:

      > You have regs doing everything they can to push the rules. It is to the point you have people making comments about “inmates are running the jail”
      > We are all 18 and over, we need to act like it and stop with the snipping back and forth and stop making THE MODS job even harder. We need to use common sense and act mature when dealing with things. [emphasis added]
      > It’s like the old lobby, its fun, rules are not being pushed to much
      > Stop making this hard for Nash and the mods, they have enough they deal with. Lets just all follow the rules and stop trying to push them so much

      Added in among those statements were others that said the regs “need to act 18 and over” and “put on their big girl or boy pants”. Basically, your reply says “WE regs (as if you are one of them) are wrong and THE MODS are right”. Well said, indeed…

      Look, it’s not AT ALL about trying to break the rules. In my experience, NONE of the regs want the crazy usage of caps to come back. All of us understand that it can be overused. That’s not the problem. There is not attempt to “push the rules” or make a mod’s job harder.

      The simple fact is that mods have power and most of the regs don’t. If a reg pisses off a certain few of the mods, they get punished for it. Some people use caps and get a warning. Often, that warning is a nice one. For other people, it’s not that way. Certain regs use caps and certain mods jump all over them and try to provoke a fight.

      It comes down to the fact that people should treat others how they want to be treated. The anonymous user above, who is probably a mod, probably would be enraged if a message were posted implying that she is a child and is just not following the rules. It’s not about regs who should obey the mods. It’s about regs who are being harassed who have no power. It’s not ok to be a “bitchy mod”. If you have power, you should use it wisely, not hurt the people you don’t like and then brag about it.

      I agree with the rule. I have no problem with the rule. I don’t want the overuse of caps again. But when someone kicks me for using caps while their “friends” get away with worse. And they are rude to me and don’t give me a chance. Then I get pissed. There is the “letter” of the rule and the “intent” of the rule. No one is overusing caps to an extreme sense, but the rule is definitely being enforced to the “letter” for some people and not at all for others.

      If you don’t like me, you don’t like me. But trust me on this. I care about the board a LOT. I want it to be a nice place because I like to go there.

  8. ladylikes™ triendly falks (TallOnes lady)

    Hello my dear fellow chatmates 🙂

    As Qsi, Mikey, Finest, Dee,Lanie and Nash – I have no dog in this…errrr…. conversation.

    And I will not say much to all this, only – that my head is steaming from everything I read….

    If you allow – my personal opinion on this matter is, that the situation could have been handled more professional from both sides – the mods AND the regs, before it escalated…(omg – I used the caps now…. 🙂 )

    I know the situation now is very unpleasant for all of the involved members. I know, I can’t be much of a help to anyone of you.

    But maybe the fact that I really value and respect each one of you and would rather group hug you all, than seeing you argue, will help to calm down a little.

    Oh – And – I miss Dee. I really do.

    Group-hug to All !!! of you, from

    ladylikes™heace and parmony – (TallOne(m)™s lady)

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