When do guys cross the line in the lesbian sex chat room?

Just the other day I ran into a guy in the lesbian sex chat room who had a name that was something like “big black cock”. lesbian girls kiss nude befAfter informing him that discussions, screen names, picture posts, etc, in the main area of the lesbian chat room here are not allowed, he decided to pipe back with some questions. I don’t know if this guy was playing dumb, or actually was ignorant and merely seeking clarification. I am not sure that he was being serious when he asked “So is talking about strap-ons okay?”; but I answered the question, and told him to leave the room, and change his name if he would like to ever return to the room.

He took a little longer than I normally have patience for, but he did end up leaving the room, and changing his name. He returned a while later, and while he was gone a discussion ensued about what the rules currently are, and what would be considered overly offensive to a majority of the women who frequent the lez rooms here. There were a few answers from a few of the ladies, but I thought that perhaps we need to open a discussion, and perhaps have a poll about some of things that are overly offensive to a majority of those who use the girls who like girls room.

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The rules we currently have for the lesbian chat room are fairly simple at the moment, and of course that chat room like all the others also have to follow the broader general rules we have established for all the chat rooms here.

Some of our general rules that should be noted include: discussing terms in an open room where a majority of the people in that room would find the topic offensive should be avoided, and are only permitted in rooms where a majority would not find offense to them. example- Some hardcore BDSM topics should only be in the BDSM room or a user created side room that is dedicated to the subject(s). There are also parts of our terms of service that apply to all rooms, including the ladies lusting ladies room, such as no harassment. example – coming into the lez chat room and serial pming each girl asking if she is bisexual, or has any interest in some cock, would be harassing. I can’t list every single thing that is allowed or not allowed in any of the rooms, but everyone needs to follow the general guidelines, and if you are in one of main rooms, and if there is any doubt, you might want to ask before shouting about your taboo fantasy.

With all that being said, the lez room has some obvious additional rules that would not be an issue in the main lobby. Coming in and talking about your dick, have a big cock screen name, or posting pictures of a cock for the whole room to click on should be the obvious ones. These are the most common reasons that we ask someone to leave the les room, and is the most common reason for guys getting kicked out or banned. I wanted to ask the community here if there were other issues we should consider adding to the list of overly taboo terms / discussions for the les room as well.

In the past we had some users questions things such as squirting and watersports, and some that brought up the issue of family fun lesbian chat. We opened those up for discussion, and have decided that those types of discussions should be brought to a different room as well. So what else is a big issue that comes up on occasion?

I know some of the women who frequent the girl’s room will say no men allowed at all period. Some will say couples should not enter. We are not prepared to go quite that far, and for any of the ladies that are thinking that, please read this post I made a while back about our suggestions for issues in the lesbian sex chat room.

4 thoughts on “When do guys cross the line in the lesbian sex chat room?”

  1. I think while some topics might be of interest to women, in general, there are things i don’t come to sex chat to be involved in. Abortion, or Politics, or religion being among them.

    I come to have a relaxed time, and names that include said topics, Kinda take me out of the moment, if you know what i mean.

    while if people wanna discuss these things In private rooms, people coming to a lesbian room, with names Like lezziesgotohell. even if they do Not speak about their views in chat, all they need to say is ” hi room” for all of us to see ” lezziesgotohell” and personally I think that sort of thing is borderline trolling.

    the same would be for a name Like “rushisrightaboutlezzieagenda” or some such.

    I think that not only is what is discussed an issue, but the names that force us to see their religious or political views are as well.

    Just speakin my mind…

    1. @PetiteNSweet – thank you for sharing your thoughts and feeling on these issues. I agree, and in fact the screen name issues that you are describing would be in violation of our nickname guidelines, our taboo subject rules / parameters, and the content guidelines.

      We provide some specifics in the rules about the les room, and we also provide guidance in general for any room with this rule statement:

      If your screen name may be offensive to a majority of people in a certain room, then you should not be there.

      If you see names like this in the les room, please notify a moderator in the lobby, and if one is not there, contact me with details.

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  3. Nash, one of the most recent ones was abortion. This came up in a user name in the les room. It also came up in a name and discussion in the main lobby. I did request the users make their own rooms for this based on the not all listed taboo discussions and based on the feedback and pms I was receiving from the majority of the users in the room and also based on the sparring and arguing it started. Block buttons were requested to be used, the users did move to private rooms and were not the people involved in the arguments. But this could be put up for discussion

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