Too Lez for the lobby?

Recent discussion in the lobby about being “too lesbian in the lobby” turned into quite an interesting debate about several different things. sexy-girls-extreme-lingerie-whip-cuffsOf course the back and forth in the chat room (at least from this one session that I got a chat log from) was pretty heated and all over the place. There were several good points made on all sides of this issue, and a couple of things that should be considered outside the discussion.

When do guys cross the line in the lesbian sex chat room?

Just the other day I ran into a guy in the lesbian sex chat room who had a name that was something like “big black cock”. lesbian girls kiss nude befAfter informing him that discussions, screen names, picture posts, etc, in the main area of the lesbian chat room here are not allowed, he decided to pipe back with some questions. I don’t know if this guy was playing dumb, or actually was ignorant and merely seeking clarification. I am not sure that he was being serious when he asked “So is talking about strap-ons okay?”; but I answered the question, and told him to leave the room, and change his name if he would like to ever return to the room.