Naughty fonts, new graphics, and privacy

I’ve been working on some small graphics updates which turned into a much larger project than initially planned.

Word around the web dev community is that it’s best practice to make some graphics using “web fonts” instead of just using a jpg or gif image – so I embarked on the process to convert some of the little graphics that I think will make our menus a little sexier, and to convert our new logo style into an actual system font style instead of relying on a picture created in photoshop.

first scsc ad girl video

A while back we had someone offer to make a fun video showing some love for scsc. So we kicked around some ideas, and decided make a few videos with girls being sexy and showing some love for sexchatsexchat. Here is a teaser video showing Allie doing some sexy stripping and a little bed dance with her “I heart scsc” sign.


We will be considering more submissions from girls and guys who would like to show some love with a video. Just send me an email and we can chat about it.