User levels coming

We’ve been kicking around this idea for a long time, and now it seems we have little choice but to start creating user levels.

Whatever system we start with will likely change drastically, so don’t think whatever we start out with is going to be the system that everybody must deal with forever. I’m also looking for ideas and feedback from everyone to make the system better. I have some ideas, and hopefully others will be able to chime in and make them better.


Something like this:

Enter the chat without a registered name, level 1
Registered account in the peeps section, level 2
Spent some time around here.. level 4
Very cool – level 6

level 0 -2 – can not send pms, can not create rooms, can not enter user created rooms, or mezzanine rooms and some others.

level 4 – can send pms, create rooms, enter other rooms..

The restrictions per level are up in the air right now – we’ll see how they work out and adapt as is best for the community.

I’m thinking of several ways that people can get “points” that add up to higher levels. Perhaps taking a quiz, posting in a poll, maybe getting points from another user. I’m also looking at some things that can be done in the backend that do some point adding for various things. Amount of time someone has been a registered member could also be a factor in points.

Tell me in the comments below, or vote in our poll:
-> how-many-chat-peeps would you vouch for
(log in to the peeps section and vote, it may give a point bonus)

Let’s say the average user level is 3

I’d like to make a system where known users can vouch for others and level them up – with a limit.
Something like each known user gets 300 points.. and they can vouch for another and give them 100 points, which would level the other person up to the point where they can join private rooms or something.

This was people that have real friends here can give them a hand up, and if it turns out that bad people (people who violate the rules here) are leveled up by someone, we can choose to knock down the level of the bad person, and the person who vouched for them.

Something like this.

Thing is, we have tried to deal with the problems that come with having a no registration sex chat room. For the most part I’d say the community here has done really well for a long time in not abusing this kind of system. Here lately we have had a few people really go out of their way to abuse this system, and it’s time for a change.

So we are upgrading our mv-chat system, fingers crossed that we have the new version with more features ready before the end of the week.

We’ll get some kind of karma / cool points system setup this week as well.

We’ll do some testing, and we may be able to migrate to a better system very soon.

Given that we’ve had several people going out of their way to abuse our open chat system, we may shut down the OC aka Original Chat / Old Chat very soon.

Before anyone freaks out, wait for upgraded mv system to get online, shooting for Thursday.
We’re making it so it is much more like the OC; moving the user list and adding some new emoticons. I think this new system will be much better for most people. Unfortunately we don’t have much of a choice at this time, a few people like Ma.. and Ba… basically forcing us to shutdown the OC.

Here’s to the changing future.

Tell me in the comments below, or vote in our poll ->
how-many-chat-peeps would you vouch for

Those who want to register early ->


53 thoughts on “User levels coming”

  1. Hi Nash, I haven’t been able to get onto the site for a few days. Is it still being worked on, or has the link changed?


    1. steve. – we are dealing with all sorts of weird tech problems, and they have only gotten worse.
      trying to keep some notices posted here:

      however for a while even this section of the site was down.

      trying to get things fixed, but it’s turned into a mountain of multiple different problems.

      we are working on restoring everything part by part, no eta. fingers crossed the mv chat and peeps section can be restored before too long, maybe another day or two – we’ll see.

  2. Nash
    I can’t login as I have forgotten my user name and password as it been quite a while since I last used it. I can’t re-register as my email is already on the system. Please can you help?

  3. Nash more isues have come up it seems, some are getting a black screen while talking, message says it detects a ghost and they are being disconnected. Also when the reconnect if they were in pm it opens a new pm window. As of yet no sound alert for pm’s. Any way to put the user list in alphabetical order? perhaps the guest users at the bottom?

  4. Nash,

    I gave the user room with a playlist a test run last night. Was only myself in room. Music played instantly in a small player in the upper right hand corner of the chat screen, was all youtube videos. Was able to minize it as well. Sound was good and clear.

    Uncertain how many songs it will hold, I only added two to test it. It appears the room is able to hold 50 songs? Can the room creator change the playlist in room? Are other users able to skip the songs for the whole room? Is the boot function up and running for user room operators? Will the one booted be able to re-enter the room? I know in OC if a user is booted from a user created room they can not enter unless they leave and come back.

    1. when some logs out or is booted and pms you when they return it opens a nes window instead of continuing in the old… it is only annoying so not urgent but i would like the actions fixed if it could be

  5. Nask,

    I gave the user room with a playlist a test run last night. Was only myself in room. Music played instantly in a small player in the upper right hand corner of the chat screen, was all youtube videos. Was able to minize it as well. Sound was good and clear.

    Uncertain how many songs it will hold, I only added two to test it. It appears the room is able to hold 50 songs? Can the room creator change the playlist in room? Are other users able to skip the songs for the whole room? Is the boot function up and running for user room operators? Will the one booted be able to re-enter the room? I know in OC if a user is booted from a user created room they can not enter unless they leave and come back.

  6. hmm, just asking

    i hav been in inkering with the features and what not in MV, some i like others i dont. the ability of someone to open and browse my profile almost scares me, would be open to a stalker that way i think. love to be able to turn off all pm’s as we do in OC and stil carry on a private chat as well. i dont fully understand the voucher thing all are talking about, could you release an update with some more detail and clear information. the emotes are nice but way way too many i think. will drop in later this evening and see if the updates are complete, take it for a test dri ve.

    1. @hmmm just asking –
      Will you elaborate about the features you like and don’t like?

      Linking the username to a profile I can see being a benefit for many and a drawback for some as well. I’ll be making a quick tutorial with pics, maybe a video, showing how everyone can select most things in a profile to be not shown at all, or only visible to people you have accepted as friends. So clicking over to a profile could end up showing just a screen name and an avatar pic, or show more if someone so chooses. Can you tell me what your concern about someone stalking your profile would be?

      The voucher thing is still very much up in the air, a lot of code to mashup. At this moment I think I’ve found a way to lets say for example:
      Alice gives a unique level up code to 4 people – they can paste that code into their profile thing and they all become level cool (level 3? 2? whatever)
      Then those four people are given codes they can share with four people – they can all level up to cool.

      The main reason for this is to prevent an abusive asshole from creating a new account and harassing people. A system like this also gives a few breadcrumbs (I think /hope!) – so that if “Bob” tried to create 4 accounts and level himself up after being vien a level code from Alice’s friend, I can go through and remove those levels for all four accounts, and make a note that Alice’s friend should not be able to level up anyone else.

      Something like that – it’s a work in progress.

      Updates for the MV have been coming along, although not as much as fast as I’d like. I’ve had to tinker with some things I will post about soon. Finally got the user list moved to the right, and finally figured out how to move it around. Will post about that soon as well.

      The emotes and the amount of them are mainly based on what a lot of phones have access to, so those who use phones and twitter emotes a lot will likely find it very familiar I think. Should be easy with mobile devices. For those of us who are not used to using emoji a lot it’s going to seem like a lot and not as easy to use the tabbed interface. I actually want more emotes that are naughtier, and I’d love to thin down the amount that display on desktop view, but we’ll see how that shakes out.

      With the mv-chat there is an option to turn off pms I think, I guess we need to test that and see if you turn off pms and then you pm someone else does that not work?

      1. To turn on settings in your profile to it’s hidden or only shown to friends is (on the profile page) underneath the gray text box with “@(name) are a row of words coloured blue, at the far right is settings, click and and then click Profile visibly and select the levels you wish so its.

        – Log in to your peeps account
        – Select “profile” (From the gray line of tabs at the top of the screen (Towards the far end of the right side)
        – select settings(From the blue coloured words that read from left to right under the gray @ name box, again to the right side)
        – one line under this is “profile visibility” (Select and choose the levels you wish people to see)

        Hope this helps

        1. hmm, just asking

          it did help thank you. i found it through in a slightly different way that you describe here

          — Logged into peeps account
          — Scrolled/held my cursor over where it says Howdy
          –Scrolled down to settings, it has 5 sub-headings, selected privacy
          –It opened my profile, saw the bul buttons,
          –The button labeled privacy is in grey, under this is says defaul privacy, made my selection there.
          –Beside the grey privacy button I then clicked on Profile Visibility to the left
          –It contained the four areas/levels for me to select as to whom I allowed to view what.

            1. hmm, just asking

              Awww thanks 🙂 Just explaining how I found and what I did. Similar to yours, thank you as well or I would have been clueless.

      2. hmm, just asking

        as for what i like compared to what i dont like

        i do like the ability to set a user limit in the side rooms. will the room operator still be able to boot? if so how quickly will the booted user get back in?

        i like the fact we have avis back in place, very nice touch yet hard to see. is this some of the reason everyone can profile peep? as far as the stalker issues and profiles i feel it opens up an issue for me. say i am peeped on my profile, the peeper then sends repeated messages and/or friend requests, this bubbles over to the chat as well. i may be the only one with this concern.

        miss the tabs being at the bottom. miss the alphabetical order of the user list. is there a way to get the message ding for pm’s only?

        1. hmm, just asking

          as an additional add on to my concerns about privacy and profiles and stanlking etc, will wait and see what happens now that i know hwo to make it private.

  7. Also, concerning levels. I am sure you are listening and care for us but just to sort of add one more coin to the bank, as a person who is relatively new-ish and I have good friends who are even newer, I think that maybe PMs should stay open for everyone as otherwise it would be a giant clusterfuck in main, pardon my french. Or it would just turn off people who are a bit too shy to do anything in main. Some PMs are unwanted and sometimes are annoying, yes, but I trust that people are adult enough to say “no” or block the person if they do not stop it. After all, PMs get most of the stuff going, right?

    P.S. Shout out to Mikey the awesome troll hunter :3 Kagari/Kohata

  8. Somewhat similar to Rumia’s idea but with a little addition. Could it be possible to make it so one can register for the chat AND then choose a nickname to enter the chat? Say, I register as my email and then come in as Eva. Then I decide I want to come in as, for example, Steve. Would be cool if I could as before just logout, rename myself and log back on, but so that all of my names traceable to my email. That would mean that people still are free to change names as they wish but trolls can be easily identified unless they change an email, which would slow them down considerably.

    For moderators maybe an option to see the emails of users so that they can see the trolls before they do any mischief? Dunno, just a possibility.

    Eva/Dunkelzahn/Monkey Head/Casper the Femboy/Karzala/tons of other names and genders and species. :3

  9. An alternative to this problem the site faces rightnow,could be with indrucing a
    forced registration with email verification per hand by mods.

    Sure it would anoy the user first but im sure they would rather register for oc than actually quit oc.

    That also means if trolls like teendick registers he need an legit mail, veryfied by hand, and if he gets
    banned he need a new legit email and verfied by hand.
    So it could take hours or even days to get back after a bann for him.

    So and he could neven register an Account with an Illegal name cause the mods would not verify this,
    hence his whole underage trolling would be ruined for him.

    He had to use random names in future to troll with a name that does not violet the rules,
    would to make a new legit email adress for every new account and wait for mods to verify,
    he could maybe only troll 1 or 2 times a day and would loose interest really fast.

    It would also be alot less work for the mods, Banning him maybe 1 or 2 times a day than banning
    proxy after proxy every 5 min.

    This would also prevent Name stealing and Ghosting of rooms.

  10. Hi Nash. Sapphy here 🙂 I just would like to say I’m not very keen on theses changes, and I know a few already who aren’t going to come back because they have to register. I understand it’s something you feel like you have to do, but trolls troll sites regardless if you have to register or not. My suggestion would be to allow him to have his fun, and you know what, have your moderators do nothing. He likes the fact that you chase him around and he can’t be banned. If you just ignore the little shit, he will get bored because let’s be honest, it’s no fun if you don’t get chased. If the new system does come into play, the user levels is a terrible idea. I know many people who aren’t classed as regs, so I won’t be able to talk to them as they can’t private message. It also means for us regs, getting to know new people becomes more difficult, and it was always said we should be welcoming people to the site as we have been coming here for a long time. I know this won’t change your mind, but a lot of good people will stop coming, and one person in particularly I will miss. He said he won’t come back, and that upsets me. I’m not gonna mention his name as I don’t want his head inflating, but I’ve confided in him when I’ve been low and he is a good friend. Please just reconsider doing this as a lot of people think of this room as home, and I do sometimes too. I can let my hair down, have a giggle and forget about reality for a while. Don’t let them win Nash, and like I’ve said already, it won’t stop trolls because it is simple to register too. I feel like I’m just repeating myself, but please don’t be rash in your decision making, we’ve dealt with trolls before, we can deal with them again.

    Love Sapphy 🙂 xx

    P.S. I mean Tazz <3

  11. hi, as a regular user (off and on for over 5 yrs) i love this site as i get to chat in pvt and have an awesome time without anyone knowing who i am. i hate the idea of having to register like someone has a record of me… and of having to waste time leveling up just so i can do what i want to do. im unclear of how you level up exactly… but i do not wish to get involved in anything that is not pvt chat and so i dont know if i will ever b able to pvt chat again? this concerns me a great deal. im sure u no the nature of ur site and how addictive it can b, it for fills a massive need i have. i have tried other sites b4 and this is by far the best 1 i have come across with respectful ppl and a safe environment. unwanted pms are part of the deal, u just ignore them.. if some1 keeps on u block them… if u dont want to c thm in the lobby- u block them. i really dont understand the issue. people r taking things too personally and now the site has to change and its becoming like some kind of game where u level up and ppl will want 2 b better than u…. i think its sad and i have genuine concerns about my ability to pvt chat… and who will know my personaldetails through registering…

  12. Hi Nash,
    I haven’t read through all the comments above, so don’t know if I’m repeating stuff that others have already said, but I’m concerned that this might backfire on you. I assume that you make money off the site by offering advertising. These are only effective with new users. Existing users are very unlikely to click on ads because they’ve seen them a million times. So by creating a system which deters new users, you risk losing advertising revenue.
    Secondly, while it is obvious from some of the comments that unwanted pm’s are becoming an issue, I think it’s also reasonable to assume that on a ‘Sex Chat’ site, the majority of sex chatting occurs in pvt, not in the public areas. So preventing people from going private is going to deter them from ever getting to a level at which they can actually chat in pvt.
    Perhaps there are better ways to avoid the unwanted pmers?
    One thought might be to have a system which allows a user to ‘tag’ an unwanted pmer. If that person gets more than – let’s say – 5 tags, then they get automatically kicked.

    1. Hello again, Nash.
      Uncouth as the Repetitive Tick’s comments may be, they did get me thinking that there might be an even more elegant system which allows the users to effectively police the site without additional Moderator intervention or complex layers… We already have the power to block users we don’t want to hear from. Perhaps the block button could be extended to incorporate a kick or ban function if a person repeatedly misuses the site and PM function along the lines of the ‘tag’ I mentioned above?

  13. I think it’s a dumb idea that gives power to people that are too delicate to simply block the speech of those that they don’t like. Any feature beyond that is simply going to wind up being abused and you will effectively create a culture of mini-mods, stifling all free expression.

  14. The user levels in of itself might not be a bad idea provided that you don’t just automatically become a level 1 when you’ve been a regular here for a long time. Then you can’t pm or make rooms. That would be a big blow for rule abiding regs who just want to come here for those reasons. Also I would strongly urge you not to shut down the OC chat. It is simple with a good layout and really conducive for good convoy or cybersex and role playing with the /me feature. The mv chat just isn’t appealing and I don’t think I’d come anymore if the OC text chat was removed. Also every chat has their trolls and rule breakers. I hope we aren’t going overboard and doing a complete overhaul just because of a few bad apples, if we can contain them. I hope it doesn’t just make things worse.

    1. @Alex – thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

      Unfortunately I think we have not other choice than to shut down the OC. With that being said, I am working on making the mv-chat system to become more like the OC in it’s look and feel. I’ve already gotten some the needed code together, and will be publishing a new look for it in a few days. Fingers crossed it becomes better and not worse!

      The /me feature – I have not tested that yet. Something else to add to the list.. now where is that dang list.. found it –

      Yes I know every chat has their rule breakers, and as a community we have done pretty good handling these over the years. Many of us have endured multiple pain points in order to keep things as open as possible. Normally the rule breakers get the clue how serious we are about our rules and go somewhere else, however lately we have had a few that are determined to ruin things for everyone, and even though I am pulling out other things to take care of these people, it’s taking longer than I want it to. In order to make this place as safe as possible, I think the new changes will be a better balance of being open to new people (not forcing a registration) – but also preventing some of the issues by blocking some features if a user is not yet known.

      Really trying to strike the right balance here. We’ll see how it works out.

  15. I guess what feels wrong to me is if you have a close friend who is reluctant to register they can’t reply to your pms or enter a private room with you until “levelled up”. Is there a feasible option for certified regulars to register a friends list – or is this idea pretty much the same as being able to level up a friend?

  16. I’m sure this little comment will make no difference really but the whole levels and points thing sounds terrible.It feels more like a punishment than any real progress made.Having a popularity contest more or less,worrying about points and levels to be able to make a simple pm or a room.

    I have no issues with an account but if the rest happens well then I should say my goodbyes to all my friends now and move on.

    1. @Eirene – all comments here make a difference, they always have.

      Not sure why this sounds like a popularity contest. I think the only worrying people will need to do is worry about giving a level up to someone that violates the rules.

  17. Kiki Shadowrunner

    I think this idea could work out great, but it would take some time investing in sitting around though.

  18. Hello, my two sense on this level system idea.
    I like the general idea of it, I just dislike how it seems like it’s going to punish the quite and the shyer type of people. I personally and I’m probably not alone on this,like to talk with one person on this site and we have an amazing time in our own room in our own private world, What are we suppose to do when this happens? Talk in a group to each other until we get enough points? That’s going to totally suck for us we just want to be alone and don’t wanna “Pimp out for points” so we can be alone again, I feel people will become point spammers trying to level up till they can Pm again. It doesn’t really say what level three can do, I hope it can Pm at least, and level 2-3 is easy to transfer, I understand to these changes, I just hope it doesn’t punish the shy and quite types.

    I really feel like there will be a mass amount of level 2’s just spamming in group until they can get enough likes I really hope this isn’t the case.

    My partner and I could always take it elsewhere but I love this site, and thank you for it I just hope you don’t make it impossible for people like myself to level to be able to be alone with the ones we enjoy.
    P.s thanks for not making it a money thing, no that’s not an idea.

    1. I agree with what Kiki and Lil dread both said now that they both brought it up, it will be a ton of waiting around and it will discourage new comers to the site, If i was joining this site, I’d be willing to register an e-mail however I wouldn’t wanna wait around until I could talk to someone.
      Lets be honest here, it might be sex chat but it’s still hard to find someone you like. What reason will keep new people here? The idea they might be able to cyber once they sit around spamming in group for a while? I don’t think so lol

      1. There would be some waiting for certain things.. but not to enter and chat.

        Registration will be optional – but non registered will not be able to start pms..

        Registration only takes an email – no personal details, no money.

        Also points can be gained outside the chat as well. More on that as I get the hooks in place.

        1. Is this change 100 percent happening ? Or is there any way the original will stay as it is?

          1. @The Oc- Nothing around here is ever 100% – we are always open to changes.

            Perhaps I need to make a chart showing the bonuses and drawbacks with this change, as there are both.

            As to where I would LOVE to keep things the same as they have been for so long, I have yet to hear any ideas on how this can be done while eliminating the trolls and impostering.

            Another option would be to simply shut down all of our free chat systems and only offer paid chat room options. I already know how popular that would be with our users 😉 Of course doing that would solve a couple major stress factors, and save me a bunch of time and money. Must admit, this idea is something that has been floated around a time or two or more over the past few months.

            So I am trying to come up with alternatives, and searching far and wide for things that could enhance some of these ideas to make them better / different.

  19. terrible idea, fix the problems with chat instead of adding all this new convoluted stuff. New people are going to show up, can’t figure out why pm’s are broken then leave forever. Stop doing things to deter new people and expand the room size limit. Half the time the FFR is full and dead silent or you have to wait 5 minutes to enter it

    1. Did you read why Nash is making these changes? It’s not for issues like a full FFR, this is to address the plague of trolls we have had over the last 6 months or so. People that are permanently banned but keep coming back and trolling every room. People logging in as other users, imposters….etc. I agree this is a big change and it’s going to take some time to smooth out kinks, but in the long run the safety of the site is more important

      1. I’m sure we will all do what we can to make the transition as pain free as possible 🙂

  20. bubblegumbitch

    I have a few comments to make about this. Personally, I think MV chat, as it stands right now, looks aesthetically terrible. It looks smaller and less clean than the OC. The profiles pages are mostly unusable, but as long as all you have to do is register for it and not use them, it’s fine.

    Another comment about being able to rate people down is that it leaves people who turn down others for personal reasons open to abuse. Rejected by someone? They get rated down. Sometimes people aren’t here for the popularity of everyone, but rather a few people they like and get along with.

    I’d also be afraid that this points system would be a turnoff for new users. I’d agree they shouldn’t be allowed to create rooms, but they should still be allowed to PM. Most new people hang around in the lobby before they get a hang of things, and not being able to PM might make the lobby really busy. Also, if someone who was above level two tried to PM a new person, could they respond? That might make it difficult to advance. I know I like to test things out with a place first before taking a dive and registering.

    Just a few thoughts on things.

    1. @bubblegumbitch – thanks for chiming in on these things!

      Still working on the mv-chat system as far as looks go, my code for moving the user list to the right instead of the left was supposed to work, and now it’s become a wierd stumbling block. I think I’ll get it figured out over the next few days. As far as looking smaller, do you mean the text across the window?
      I’m certainly going to fine tune the mv system a bit more before we migrate.

      Perhaps in my haste to get a post written and asking for feedback it may be confusing.

      Let me clarify I was not planning to give people the ability to rate others down, but I do want to have a system where say
      JackieJames gives 3 people a level up pass,
      and 2 of those 3 people are major rule violators and get banned,
      I think it would be good to let people know there is a chance that they could lose user levels / chat privileges if they just willy nilly rank up other people.
      This would also stop someone from creating a good account and then abusing it by creating a few bad accounts, as they would lose all of them.

      I too am concerned that a level system will turn off new users, so trying to find a good balance with all this.
      Not forcing people to register in order to check out the chat is one way to lessen the burden, and give them a chance to see what is going on in the chat before having to register.
      Not sure I can get the code exactly where I am imagining it, but I am hoping to have a system where brand new users (and lame trolls) can’t come in and start pm flooding with harassment – but I’d like to have it set so that a regular user who was leveled up could initiate a pm with a new user and then they could respond, they just couldn’t initiate the pms.

      In an awesome code world there would be some smart way to check how many pms someone sent and rate limit or block automatically or something – maybe we will get to that kind of tech one day. For now we have to set a priority on blocking a few really bad apples, and try to accommodate our regular user and newer users at the same time. This balancing is going to open for some shifting after it gets started.

      I am so tired of the few trolls that are ruining our community I figured I could solve that problem easily by shutting down the OC and forcing registration just to enter the chat. But that would solve my main frustration and it would not be the best way to accommodate our regular long time users and the new people who may be great to have join us. So trying to juggle a few ideas and mash them together to see how effective these things can be.

      Certainly as all this is coming together I will be listening to ideas and feedback, and as the new system rolls out we will make adjustments soon after it’s running, and likely some time after as well. I have several more cool tech pieces to this puzzle that are already being developed, but I can’t post them all at this time.

  21. Question about registering / not registering from the chat room tonight..

    With the mv-chat system, registration is not required, but non-registered people will have their screen names show up like “guest_myname” – registered users get to own their screen name.

    Non-registered users will have certain limitations that they do not have in the OC – not 100% sure what those limitations will be in the future.. thinking for now non-registered can not initiate a pm.. can not create a room.. stuff like that.

    Question about those registered in the NC system, someone’s registration there will not count for the mv-chat system. People will need to register an account in the “peeps section” ( ) in order for it to work with the mv-chat.

    There may be other limitations beyond just registering. I am working on the points system so that a newly registered person will not be able to harass long time users. How that all works is still a work in progress, and will likely change over time.

    The bad thing for people is that quick entry and full access / privileges like in the OC will no longer be an option. This is really bad for those people who do not want to register, I know.

    But, the few bad apples we have been plagued with are forcing this change. There are many positives with these upcoming changes, and I think they outweigh the down sides.

    1. hmm, just asking

      is this the same mv chat you had before? will the user name and password i created then still work at the new place as well?? need a few testers when it is up and running? willing to give it a go. also here at random odd hours so the level up thing is not entirely possible all the time though i do understand the need for some control in the matter, it is sad that one or two abuse the system and the rest of us have to pay the price. how will you prevent some from registering more than once? there is not way correct? each new email gets to register…

      1. yes the same mv-chat system ( ) – although it is getting multiple upgrades, so it will be a little different today, and more different in a few days. However as far as registering goes – if you previously registered in the peeps section to have a registered name in the mv-chat then it will still work fine.

        Yes we will need testers this week, many things to test out!

        Preventing people from registering more than once – it is tricky, but I have some things already in the works on that, some I will explain when this rolls out, and some may be kept a secret.

        1. hmm, just asking

          any indication as to when it will be up and running to be tested, am curious to see the changes and what will come of it. i wont lie i will dearly miss OC, been a loyal rag for a number of years now and made many friends there. thank you for the effort and the hard work you invest in it, it truely is a labour of love.

          1. We have a beta version of the mv-chat system up right now, and registration for the peeps section is of course open.

            Timeline I am shooting for is having the bulk of updates live by Wednesday night or so.

            The user levels thing is still quite up in the air, some parts are in place already. Given how we want to have a lot of flexibility in how the user levels system will work, I assume that once we have something running, it will continue to get updates every week for a couple months. Some of that will be adjusting whatever parameters and some will be enhancing the code for the various sections of the site.

            Thanks for the thanks, it’s truly a lot of extra work this place is.

        2. hmm, just asking

          another question come to mind as well, what if there is more than one person in the household who comes to the site? can they both register on the same computer? will be the same isp correct? but two different users? asking because i have a friend who logs on from my house when they visit, live in the same area, same net provider….

          1. I had not considered this kind of situation. I’ll make a note of it and see what can be employed to limit issues that may occur one way or the other in that kind of scenario.

            1. hmm, just asking

              i didnt know if you had or not, my friend and i both are registered and she did so from my computer, we often both chat at the same time from my house though on separate systems.

  22. CandySmooth™ (Candace)

    I’m really excited for the changes you’re talking about here. I’ve been a long time user (3 years or so) and I’ve developed some incredible relationships through this site. I can’t really thank you enough for making this a safe, and VERY special place for me. I’m looking forward to being a fully registered user of any new and upcoming system. The ID thing here has always been the only downside I’ve ever experienced.

    I want to shout out to all the moderators too, I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with them all. I find them all to be very approachable and willing to help me on the very few issues or questions I’ve had over the past years. I do my very best to greet them and thank them in the Chat rooms as i see them. I really appreciate them all, and the hours they put in as dedicated volunteers.

    I love my home here and want it to only get better and better!
    -Love CS

    PS. I hope the site’s down today for the big upgrade;)

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