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BDSM movies, and sex movies that incorporate aspects of BDSM have had a unique history in the porn business. There are so many different types of BDSM, and very different opinions on what should be included, and what should be excluded in the production of movies that have both aspects of BDSM and sex. Viewers also have a wide range of things that they want to see and things they do not want to in a flick that includes some of the fetishes of the scene.

Some movies focus on one fetish in general, and some videos try to cram as many aspects of BDSM into one film that they can possibly get actors and actresses to perform. It is rare for people to enjoy all fetishes that may be covered under the blanket terms of Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism, and may of the niches that fill in between these various things. Some people like leather and control, but do not want to see rough sex. Some people like rough sex, but could care less about official Dominants or submissives, and if they dress or behave 100% appropriately for the scene. Some people want some spanking, some do not. There are so many other choices, that I think it is rare to find good movies that all who are interested in the BDSM aspects of sex will agree on as being good movies.

Over the years in the porn business there has been much debate about what is okay to produce in the US, and it appears that those unofficial standards have been loosening to some degree, however, unlike Hollywood movies that are produced for the big screen, there are still some things that are generally not added into porn films that come from the US.

Even with some of the more extreme things being held back , the past several years have brought more and more bondage movies, domination flicks, and videos that included spanking, and the like from many more producers. There are some bigger budget studios who focus primarily on producing fetish videos that run the gamut of intricate bondage, domination, caning and more. There are also many more small time home movies being released on the internet with people who mainly want to share various kinks with others, and enjoy capturing their moments on camera.

What I found a bit surprising is the level of interest in the female audience. When I was completely ignorant to all things leather and rope, I had assumed that a majority of the “fetish scene” was based upon burly dominant men that wanted to force naughty girls into submission, and that is was a rare, male dominated scene. What I have found after spending quite some time researching this niche, is that there appears to be more women interested in the various dominant and submissive role play and lifestyle choices than men.

I give credit to the folks that run the web site network which includes sex and submission, along with the connectedness of the internet for really bringing the whole BDSM scene to the forefront of a more mainstream video entertainment. Sure there are plenty of other places that men and women have been able to find bondage and submission pictures and videos online, but I think once the sex and submission group of sites took off, the genre received a huge boost in popularity. Of course 2012 - 2013 saw the viral explosion of 50 shades of grey take over the female readers worldwide in an explosion of interest and viral sharing, which led to even more of a global discussion of the interest in many things BDSM.

These opinions are my own, from my limited experience with small groups of people. I would like to talk much more about these subjects, but there is simply not enough room on the pages here. Perhaps there will be a section of the blog or the forums in which we could go into more details, cite some sources, take some polls, and stuff like that.

BDSM Sex Movies VOD streaming video on your computer screen right now. You can also find lots of (mostly amateur created) BDSM and fetish videos at the clips online portal. You will need to do some searches for your favorite flavors, as there is no one perfect category for every sub genre of the scene. Some people search for fetish, some for bondage, and you won't find them all in any one category.

If you enjoy fetish, bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism, and the like, you will definitely want to see our BDSM sex chat page.

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